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New Testament Come Follow Me FHE Lesson – Jesus Christ Was Baptized

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Jesus Christ was baptized to fulfill all righteousness. In this New Testament FHE lesson, learn how we can follow Christ’s example and why our baptismal covenants can empower us to change in glorious ways. Each of our FHE lessons includes three lesson plans for different ages, treat recipes, activity ideas, and more.



Matthew 3:16-17

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.



Baptism | Children’s Songbook

1. Jesus came to John the Baptist,
In Judea long ago,
And was baptized by immersion
In the River Jordan’s flow.

2. “To fulfill the law,” said Jesus,
When the Baptist questioned why,
“And to enter with my Father
In the kingdom up on high.”

3. Now we know that we must also
Witness faith in Jesus’ word,
Be baptized to show obedience,
As was Jesus Christ, our Lord.




Video: Begin the lesson by watching this video about the baptism of Jesus.


Ask: What did you learn from the video about when Jesus was baptized?

Read: You can be baptized as Jesus was. He set the perfect example.

Discuss: Show a painting of Jesus being baptized and a picture of someone being baptized today. Have the children point out similarities between the two. You may want to note how Jesus went to someone with authority and was baptized by immersion in water.

Share: Tell the children what you remember about your baptism. If any of the children have already been baptized, ask them to share too.

Ask: Do you have any questions about baptism?

Read: When we are baptized, we make promises to follow God and keep his commandments. We live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ask: What are some ways we can follow the commandments every day?

Testimony: Close with your testimony of baptism.


Share: Begin the lesson by telling the story of your baptism or the baptisms of family members that may be notable (such as the first person to join the Church in your family). Share any photographs or other heirlooms of the day.

Ask: What stands out in your mind when you think of your baptism?

Scripture: Read Matthew 3:11, 13-17.

Discuss: Make a list of similarities between Christ’s baptism and our baptisms today.

Read: One great question we can ask ourselves is why we were baptized and what that means for us today. We know we are to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized, but baptism wasn’t designed to be a singular event that no longer impacts our lives.

Ask: What are some reasons we are meant to remember our baptism? How can we do this? [partaking of the sacrament, keeping our baptismal covenants, striving to make more covenants, etc]

Read: Through the covenants we make with God, we can repent and change to become like the Savior. Our covenants are a source of power! Even though we may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or sinful, Jesus continually invites us to be made clean through the sacrament. As we discover the joy of daily repentance, we can feel the Lord’s love and be more confident in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Share: Share a personal experience about the sacrament and invite others to do the same.

Testimony: Close with your testimony about the power of baptism.


Write down what you remember about your baptism day and why it was important. You may want to record how your feelings about baptism have changed over time. Then, read Elder David A. Bednar’s talk, “Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins.” Ponder on how you can make your baptismal covenants a more central part of your daily life, especially as you think of the influence of the Holy Ghost.

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If they are available, have your local missionaries stop by and teach your family how they help people prepare for baptism. If they are not available, watch videos from the Church about baptism!

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