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New Testament Come Follow Me FHE Lesson – What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?

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Saul was an unlikely candidate for conversion. However, the Lord knew who he really was and how we could change. In this Come Follow Me FHE lesson, we’ll go over the stories of both Saul and Stephen and how we can submit ourselves to God and be transformed. Each of our FHE lessons includes three lesson plans for different ages, treat recipes, activity ideas, and more.



Acts 9:6

And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.



I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go | Hymn #270

1. It may not be on the mountain height
Or over the stormy sea,
It may not be at the battle’s front
My Lord will have need of me.
But if, by a still, small voice he calls
To paths that I do not know,
I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in thine:
I’ll go where you want me to go.


I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord,
Over mountain or plain or sea;
I’ll say what you want me to say, dear Lord;
I’ll be what you want me to be.

2. Perhaps today there are loving words
Which Jesus would have me speak;
There may be now in the paths of sin
Some wand’rer whom I should seek.
O Savior, if thou wilt be my guide,
Tho dark and rugged the way,
My voice shall echo the message sweet:
I’ll say what you want me to say.

3. There’s surely somewhere a lowly place
In earth’s harvest fields so wide
Where I may labor through life’s short day
For Jesus, the Crucified.
So trusting my all to thy tender care,
And knowing thou lovest me,
I’ll do thy will with a heart sincere:
I’ll be what you want me to be.




Activity: Start the lesson by showing the children a picture of a caterpillar. Ask them what it is and then ask them what the caterpillar has the potential to become. Then show them a picture of a beautiful butterfly.

Read: Just like this caterpillar can change into a beautiful butterfly we can also become transformed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. There are many examples of this happening to people in the scriptures.

Ask: Who are some of the people in the scriptures who became changed through their conversion to Jesus Christ?

Share: Tell the children about your favorite example of this in the scriptures, or an example from your life.

Scripture: Summarize the events in Acts 9:1-20.

Ask: How did Saul change after he was visited by Jesus Christ?

Read: In Acts 9:6 Saul asks the Lord “What wilt thou have me to do?” The Lord has a work for each of us. We can be like Saul and ask the Lord what He wants us to do and He will show us how we can serve Him.

Testimony: Close with your testimony of how the Atonement can help us change and come closer to Christ.


Scripture: Begin the lesson by reading Acts 7:51-60 together. Look for how the Holy Ghost strengthens Stephen.

Ask: How can the Holy Ghost strengthen us during our trials?

Read: The Holy Ghost never left Stephen during this trial. The Holy Ghost gave strength and comfort to Stephen, just as he can for us. The Lord has given us the gift of the Holy Ghost to help us during the ups and downs of our lives. When we choose to rely on the Spirit we can remain faithful even during hard times.

Share: Tell about an experience when you felt strengthened by the Holy Ghost.

Video: Watch this video depiction of the events in Acts 6 -7.

Ask: What did you learn from Stephens’s teachings to the Jews?

Scripture: Read Acts 8:26-39 and discuss how the Holy Ghost helped Philip in this story.

Testimony: Close with your testimony.


Read “Waiting on the Road to Damascus” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. As you study this talk ponder how you can be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. Consider asking the Lord what it is that he would have you do.

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