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Presidents Day – FHE Lesson

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Articles of Faith 1:12

We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.



My Country, Children’s Songbook Page 224

1. This is my country! I sing it with pride
Whether it’s desert sand duned and wide,
Mountains with pine trees, land iceberg bound.
It’s here where my home and my loved ones are found.

2. This is my country, and all that I do
Should make it mighty, noble, and true.
I love my country. Long may it be
A land where my people are honest and free.




*For Children*

Show this picture to your family and ask: What do all the people in this picture have in common?

president's day

Read aloud: All of these men have been Presidents. President Monson and President Hinckley have both been Presidents of the Church and George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama have all been Presidents of the United States.

Ask: What is a president?

Read aloud: A president is a leader of a group or organization. In the Church, the President of the Church is also the Prophet and is chosen by God to lead His people. In the United States, the President is chosen by the people to help lead America. Presidents should be honest, kind, and hard-working leaders. Today, we celebrate Presidents Day.

Presidents Day began in a very long time ago in 1800, when the United States decided to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, which was on February 22. George Washington was the very first President of the United States. While Washington’s birthday is the most well-known, Presidents Day has become a day to honor not only Washington, but the lives and accomplishments of all U.S. presidents. (

While presidents are not always perfect and make mistakes like we do, many have done really good things. We always hope that a president will be good and try to do good.

Ask: How can we try to be good leaders and good people, like presidents should be?

Discuss how you can be good leaders and what qualities make a good leader. You can share personal experiences about a time when you were president of something. Bear your testimony about how Christ can help us be good leaders.

*For Teenagers and Adults*

Read aloud: Presidents Day, celebrated each year on the third Monday in February, is a day when Americans honor the legacies of the U.S. presidents. The holiday was established in 1800, when Congress declared February 22–George Washington’s birthday–a federal holiday. Still legally known as Washington’s Birthday, Presidents Day has become a day to honor not only Washington, but Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. president who was born on February 12,  and the lives and accomplishments of all U.S. presidents. (Taken from

Just as a president should honor and uphold the law, so should we be an example of being good citizens. Whether it is voting for a president or becoming involved in issues we find important, we can become involved in our communities and in the decisions of our nations.

Ask: What are some qualities you would hope a president would have? How can we apply these qualities in our lives?

Read aloud: President Gordon B. Hinckley discussed how we can help be examples of good leadership and citizenship to those around us. [Full text found here.]

First, he talked about some US Presidents that he knew as a child:

We attended the public schools. My elementary school was named after American statesman Alexander Hamilton. My junior high school was named for United States president Theodore Roosevelt. We learned about these men. On February 12 we had a holiday for President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. On February 22 we had another holiday to honor President George Washington. Just before these holidays we had school programs in which we learned about “Honest Abe” and the boy George who admitted to chopping down his father’s cherry tree. Maybe there was little historical substance to some of those stories, but there was something of substance that came into our lives. We developed an appreciation for the principle of honesty. Today we have Presidents’ Day in the United States, but for many it has become primarily a play day.

Then, he suggested four ways we can turn Presidents Day from a play day into a teaching moment:

They are simply these: Let parents and children (1) teach and learn goodness together, (2) work together, (3) read good books together, and (4) pray together.

Ask: How can we improve on these things in our family?

Create goals on how you can be active members of society by following these four principles and how they go from the home into your community. Finish with any personal examples and by bearing your testimony.




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Presidents Day Log Cabins or Martha Washington’s Cherry  Bread and Butter Pudding

Presidents Day Log Cabins  

For Presidents’ Day, render Abraham Lincoln’s fabled log cabin in miniature, complete with pretzel logs, cracker shingles, and peanut-butter mortar. This easy project is great for kids; while they construct the cabin, you can teach them about the remarkable president who dedicated himself to the idea that all men are created equal.

Rinse a 1/2-pint milk carton, and cover the surface with creamy peanut butter. Fill in the top of the carton with extra peanut butter to straighten the slope of the roof.

For the logs, cut pretzel sticks to desired length with scissors. Use peanut butter to affix them to the sides of the milk carton.

Make the door with a graham cracker, and use peanut butter to give it a pretzel-scrap doorknob. Use pretzel or cereal squares as windows.

Shingle the roof with two layers of thin wheat crackers, line the top roof ridge with a pretzel stick, and add a pretzel nugget as a chimney.

(Courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Martha Washington’s Cherry Bread and Butter Pudding


-12 slices white bread
-10-oz. cherry preserves
-4 eggs
-2 and 2/3 cups milk
-1/4 teaspoon almond extract
-2 tablespoons of sugar

1) Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Spray an 8 x 8 x 2-in pan with nonstick cooking spray.
2) Cut crusts from bread. Spread butter on one side of each slice. Arrange four slices of bread in bottom of dish and sprinkle each lightly with cinnamon. Spread a spoonful of cherry preserves on each slice. Repeat, making two more layers.
3) Beat eggs in a medium mixing bowl. Add milk, almond extract and sugar and stir until well mixed. Pour over bread and bake for 60 to 70 minutes, or until top is a lovely golden brown and the custard is set. Serve warm from the oven. (Can be served cold also, if preferred). Yield: 6 servings.

(Courtesy of One Perfect Bite)



LDS Prophet Memory Game or If I Were President Activity Sheet

LDS Prophet Memory Game

Print out two pictures of each LDS Prophet, available here. Glue them to cardstock or print them on sturdy paper. Cut them out accordingly. To play, mix all the pictures up then set them out in a grid. Have each person take a turn flipping over two cards, trying to match the pictures. The person with the most matches at the end of the game wins. You can also play this game with famous US Presidents.

(Courtesy of Cookie Nut Creations)

If I Were President Activity Sheet

Have your children fill out these fun activity sheet! Have them write down what they would do if they were the President, and have them color a picture. For more ideas, you can search on Pinterest for more Presidents Day activities.

(Courtesy of Growing Kinders)

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