10 Easy Ways to Minister This Valentine’s Day

10 Easy Ways to Minister This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s a great opportunity to share some love with your ministering brothers and sisters. Here are 10 ideas of how you can minister with more heart at this special time of year.

1. Pray to feel a portion of God’s love for your ministering friend.

Sister Jean B. Bingham once said, “True ministering is accomplished one by one with love as the motivation.” When we’re able to see our ministering friends as God sees them, we can find more motivation to act. Pray to feel a portion of God’s love for those you minister to. Ponder on the things you appreciate about them and the good you’ve seen them do. As you pray to feel more love, pay especially close attention to promptings of how you can serve them. When God inspires you with love for another person, He often sends an idea on how you can share His love with them in a personal way.

2. Ask them what their love language is.

Everyone likes to be ministered to in different ways. Many people know their “love language” which is a special system that denotes the best way to show care. In general, the love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. Where appropriate, ask your ministering friends what their love languages are. This can give you a better idea of how to serve them.

3. Text them a quote or scripture about God’s love.

Regardless of someone’s relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a good time to be reminded of God’s abundant love. Text or message your ministering friends your favorite quote or scripture about God’s love. Need some help? Check out the following talks and their references for some ideas.

4. Mail them a Valentine’s Day card.

Don’t you feel excited when you get a piece of mail and realize it’s not junk? Send your ministering friends a valentine in the mail. It can be a card or just a nice note. If you want to make sure they get it by Valentine’s Day and are worried about sending it through the mail, you can also leave it in their mailbox or on their doorstep. Click here to find some free Valentine’s Day cards you can download and print off at home.

5. Create a list of why you love or appreciate your ministering friends.

We all want to know we’re loved. Write down a list of why you love your ministering friends. If you’re struggling to connect, try creating a list of what you appreciate about them. It doesn’t have to be very long. Send it in whatever way you feel inspired to, whether it’s through a text, message, card, or in-person.

6. Make or purchase a treat & drop it off.

Valentine’s Day is known for its yummy treats. From candies and chocolates to homemade treats full of chocolate chips, strawberries, or raspberries, it’s a great time to deliver something sweet. If time permits take a few minutes and talk with your ministering friend. If you’d just like to leave it for them, make sure to ask when you can see them next and check-in.

7. Send them some flowers.

Flowers can be a sweet token of care and they don’t have to be expensive. Drop off a single carnation or small bouquet of flowers. Want to get your family involved? Make a bouquet of paper flowers together and deliver them as a family.

8. “Heart Attack” their door.

Write sweet notes combined with inspiring scriptures on paper hearts. Then, when your ministering friend is not home, go and tape the hearts to their door. It’ll be a nice surprise when they get home.

9. Take them out for dinner.

Do you minister to someone who may be feeling alone? Take them out for dinner. Conversations at the dinner table are some of the best. It’s a great time to talk to someone and see how they are. This is an especially great option for the elderly. Don’t feel comfortable taking someone out alone? Invite your spouse, your companion, or a trusted friend to go with you.

10. Offer to help so they can go out.

Help your married ministering friends celebrate Valentine’s Day by offering to help them have a night out. This can take the form of babysitting or completing chores so they feel less stressed. If you’re able to, a gift card for a movie or a restaurant can help those in need treat themselves.

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