10 FREE LDS Things Anyone Can Enjoy!

10 FREE LDS Things You Need to Know About Today!

Do you love free things? Of course you do! Did you know you can get a bundle of LDS things for free, from faith-promoting to fun? Here is our list of the top 10 free LDS things.

1. Book of Mormon

You can get a free copy of the Book of Mormon delivered directly to your home by the missionaries. This is great if you need a copy to share with a friend or you can send them the link so they can find out more. You can also ask the missionaries in your ward for copies. They’d be happy to help! 

2. Program Covers

Need program covers for a special event in your ward or stake? You can get a pack of 100 program covers featuring a beautiful painting by Greg Olsen here. They are great for Easter, baptisms, firesides, and more. 

3. Genealogy Accounts

In the last few years, the Church has partnered with many major family history websites to broaden our access to multiple records and information. All you’ll need is an LDS FamilySearch account. Once added up, all of these accounts add up to hundreds of dollars. Click here to learn more! 

4. Phone Apps 

The sky is the limit when it comes to free apps for your mobile devices. Not only can you get the Gospel Library, LDS Tools, and LDS Hymns, but you can also find free music, games, and more. Here are just a few:

Check out all of the Church’s official apps here!

5. Sheet Music 

It can be hard for a ward chorister or music chair to get a budget for music. But with this site, you can download sheet music for free. They’ve got music for choirs, ensembles, soloists, and more! While it’s not free, you can also get great music for just $3 at LatterDayArrangements.com 

6. Friday Freebie

Do you love LDS products, such as CTR rings, scriptures, art, and more? Every Friday at LDS Bookstore, you can enter to win the latest LDS products through their Facebook page. Check it out here.


7. Music Downloads

Uplifting, powerful music is always great to have on hand. Thanks to these following links, you have access to free music downloads.



8. Printables

FREE General Conference Activity Coloring + Activity Packets!

A printable is just what it sounds like: something you can download straight to your computer and print off at home. We’ve got a list of the some of the best free printables below.

  • Conference Packets – Every Conference, Mormon Cartoonist and LDSBookstore share these fun conference activity and coloring packets. You can get the latest one here. It is also great for reviewing conference.
  • Mormon Mommy Printables has multiple free printables, from binder covers to playsets. Check out the collection here. 
  • Need some fun images to print off? Use LDSClipArt.com for free images you can save to your computer and print off for your lessons or FHEs. You can also get great quotes to display around your home.


9. Tickets & Events

Many of the events sponsored by the Church are free to the public. While you often have to sign-up to claim your tickets, a little diligence can get ensure you and your family get access to museums, libraries, and concerts. Keep the official events page bookmarked to always be in the know. 


10. Employment Help

In a struggling economy, the Church has provided an amazing free resource in their Employment Services. By creating an account at LDSJobs.org, you’ll have access to free articles about handling unemployment, searching for a job, and more. The Church also provides a job search database with access to jobs you might not be able to find anywhere else. If an employment center is close by, you can take free classes to learn more about how to build a resume, nail an interview, and find a career that you’ll love. h

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