10 LDS Back to Seminary & School Essentials

10 LDS Back to Seminary & School Essentials

It’s that time of year again! Around the world, LDS youth are heading back to school and starting seminary. We’ve gathered a list of ten essentials that will make the upcoming year a little more inspired.

2018 LDS Day-to-Day Calendar

Your favorite LDS calendar is back! This tear away daily calendar has 313 pages of LDS facts, quotes, artwork, and more. It is perfect for starting off a brand new calendar year and is available for pre-order here.

Book of Mormon Scriptures Bookmark

Last year, the Church made some pretty big changes to seminary program. They began implementing a doctrinal mastery program. This new bookmark features all of the doctrinal mastery scriptures from the Book of Mormon, which seminary students will be studying in 2018. Get it here.

Book of Mormon Timeline Bookmark

This Book of Mormont Timeline Bookmark is the perfect reference source for help LDS youth better understand the people of the scriptures. It features prophets, people, and important events of the Book of Mormon. It is available here.

Young Women Values Pocket Card

Every young women will find this special pocket card useful and inspiring! It features the Young Women’s theme on the front, the Articles of Faith in the middle, and a unique Personal Progress tracker on the back. Each card is designed to fold easily so your young women can carry it with them in a wallet or purse. The sturdy paper also ensures the card will last! Get them here.

Aaronic Priesthood Pocket Card

Our Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood Pocket Card will make it a fun and useful memento for any deacon, teacher, or priest. The comic book style was designed just with young men in mind. The front of the pocket card features the Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood, the middle lists all of the Articles of Faith, and the back goes through the duties of each of the priesthood offices. They are available here.

Priesthood Ordinance Pocket Card

This card lists guidelines for: blessing the bread and water, conferring and ordaining to the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, naming and blessing children, baptizing, confirming, consecrating oil, anointing the sick, sealing the anointing and dedicating graves. This card folds to business card size making it easy to fit in your wallet or pocket. Get them here.

8 Color Scripture Marking Pencil

This retractable scripture marking pencil comes with eight colors (green, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and light blue). It will make highlighting and marking scriptures a breeze! It is available for purchase here.

Our Family Council Journal

This new school year just isn’t about kids. It’s a great time for the family to sit together and make some new goals.

Inspired by Elder M. Russell Ballard’s counsel for families to conduct regular family councils, this journal can be a helpful tool in making note of items discussed, keeping track of “next steps” and assignments, or simply recording humorous or sweet moments you’ll want to remember.

Included is an introduction by Elder Ballard outlining different types and formats for family councils as well as possible discussion topics, a list of suggestions for using the journal, guided journal pages with space for meeting minutes, and extra lined pages for additional notes. You can get a copy of this awesome resource here.

A New Blank Journal

While you may be filling their backpacks with notebooks, don’t forget a new personal journal. This is a time of life they’ll want to look back on, especially as testimonies grow and develop. Give them a brand new journal for the upcoming year. A whole collection of LDS journals is available here.

Fun T-Shirts

Sent them back to school in style with an LDS-themed t-shirt. You can see a whole collection here.

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