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10 LDS Wedding Gifts for the Entire Wedding Party

10 LDS Wedding Gifts for the Entire Wedding Party

Whether you are shopping for the bride, the groom, or anyone in your wedding party, these ten LDS wedding gifts are sure to please! You’ll find LDS temple art, unique jewelry, and home decor.


ONE. Time and All Eternity Bar Necklace

With the gospel of Jesus Christ, relationships can last forever. This Time and All Eternity necklace helps you remember that. You can pick from one of three horizontal bar necklaces, silver, gold, or rose gold. It is especially good for brides!


TWO. For Eternity Temple Charm Necklace

Remember the eternal blessings of the temple with this new charm necklace. Each charm represents an important aspect of your most important relationships. Choose your temple, an important date, and two initials. Brides will love it and so will mothers of the bride and groom. It is also a great gift for other women married in your bridal party or family. Get it here.


THREE. LDS Temple Cufflinks

You can get any temple engraved on these LDS temple cufflinks. They’re great for the groom and his men! They can wear them for the wedding and any special Sunday suits after the wedding is over. You can get these cufflinks here.


FOUR. Willow Tree Wedding Figurines

Willow Tree has been creating beautifully carved figurines for years. There are multiple styles and relationships to choose from. These figures work great as cake toppers, decor for the wedding table, or as a special gift for anyone in the bridal party. See a whole collection to choose from here.


FIVE. Temple Vector Posters

These simple, yet elegant temple posters will delight any newly wed couple. You can customize the person with your temple and two lines of text. You can see all of your different options here!


SIX. Temple Coordinates Necklace

This necklace has the coordinates of the LDS temple of your choice expertly engraved on it. You can choose from three different color finishes and any LDS temple. It is a unique way to remember the place you were married! Get it here.


SEVEN. Personalized Temple Pin

These personalized LDS temple pins come in silver, gold, and black finishes. You can choose your temple and an important date. Create yours here.


EIGHT. LDS Temple Keychain

Carry the spirit of the temple with you wherever you go with this LDS temple keychain, which can also be purchased as a necklace. Choose from any LDS temple for the front of the keychain. The back includes the scripture D&C 109:22, the name of the temple, the dedication date, and who dedicated it.


NINE. Personalized LDS Poster Set

These poster sets include The Family Proclamation, The Living Christ, and the Articles of Faith. There are multiple design and color options available. You can have family names and important dates included on the posters. They can be purchased as sets or individually. See them all here.


TEN. Two-Person Emergency Kit

The ReadyWise II™ Emergency Kit includes over 220 supplies and has been engineered to give you more functionality without all the extra weight. This special pack, which is 40% off, has two emergency packs in it. It makes a great gift for couples hoping to have emergency preparedness. Learn more about it here.



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