10 Modern Temple Recommend Holders Anyone Would Love

10 Modern Temple Recommend Holders Anyone Would Love

Temple recommend holders are more than just a protective covering for your temple recommend. They are expressions of faith and reminders of the covenants you’ve made. Here are 10 modern recommend holders that are both beautiful and inspiring! (Click on each picture to learn more about the great quotes on the inside of the recommend holders as well.)


Mountains were often used in ancient times for communing with God. Today, they are considered to be symbols of temples. This temple recommend holder features a beautiful mountain-scape with a simple outline of the Salt Lake City Temple, often referred to as the “Mountain of the Lord.” Get it here!


Make Time for the Temple

There are many things that compete for our time and attention. By putting the gospel first, we are ensured blessings from heaven. With a fun design, this recommend holder is a great reminder to make the temple a focal point in our lives. Get it here.

This beautiful piece of art is a classic symbol of the Salt Lake City Temple. Now, it is a modern recreation for your temple recommend holder. Get it here. 


Whether you are a full-time LDS missionary or just a member missionary, this temple recommend holder is perfect for anyone who is excited to share the gospel and help lead others to the temple blessings they enjoy. Get it here.



We all need the Lord in our life to get safely home. Featuring a powerful quote from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and navigation symbols, this recommend holder reminds us to steer our course while focusing on gospel essentials. Get it here.



Youth are now able to keep extended limited-use recommends. Young Women will be able to enjoy the Young Women Values while going to do baptisms with this recommend holder. It is also great for Young Women leaders. The inside of this recommend holder also has the full Young Women motto on it. Get it here. 


A quote from Rosemary M. Wixom reminds us of the importance of the covenants we make in the temple on this temple recommend holder. Get it here!


Here’s another great mountain design, but this time it also includes the 2016 Mutual Theme of Press Forward. It is sure to encourage anyone who has it. Get it here. 




With a quote from President Monson on the inside and a happy design on the outside, this recommend holder makes a great gift. Get it here.


God made all of our beautiful creations, including the heavens…and including us! This temple recommend holder shows God’s heavenly creations on the outside, while reminding us on the inside that we are beloved most of all. Check it out here.

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