10 Really Cool Bookmarks Mormons Will Love

10 Really Cool Bookmarks Mormons Will Love

From scriptures to Church manuals to journals, members of the Church still love using printed products in our digital age. Luckily, a new line of LDS bookmarks from LDSBookstore.com are here to make sure you keep tabs on the right place in style. We thought they were pretty cool. Check some of our favorites out below!



These coloring bookmarks are perfect for Primary-aged children and the young at heart. There are two cool designs and the bookmark is sturdy enough to last, but has a great finish that makes it easy to color. You can order these bookmarks directly or as a printable you can print off at home! Get them here.


Featuring a quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley, this bookmark is a great reminder to set our sights on the temple. There are a lot of things competing for our time, but we can do our best to put the gospel at the center of our lives! Get this bookmark here.






Young Women and their leaders will love this updated version of the classic theme bookmark. The entire Young Women’s theme is on the back, while all the Young Women values are on the front with beautiful graphics and fun fonts. Get it here!


Choosing the right is a gospel principle for all of God’s children around the world. This bookmark features the phrase “Choose the Right” in 13 different languages and a great quote from Elder L. Tom Perry on the back. Get it here.


Still need some great stuff for the 2016 Primary theme? This bookmark fixes that. The theme is on the front and then the back has a place where you can write in your favorite scriptures of the moment. Get them here.


Same for the Mutual Theme! This modern design is sure to be enjoyed by all your youth and remind them of why 2 Nephi 31:20 is so important. You can get the bookmarks here and then there is also a kit if you need something more extensive.


Keep track of your reading in the Book of Mormon with this handy bookmark which also doubles as a reading chart. Each bookmark is 2 x 6.28 inches. You can get this version here, and then there is a larger version as well.


Finding an Articles of Faith bookmark has never been easier. These bookmarks are modern in design and feature a text that you can actually read. The text takes up both sides of the bookmark. You can get them here. It is also available in Spanish.


Keeping the commandments has never been cooler. This bookmark features the 10 commandments as found in the Old Testament. You can get it here.

BONUS! This isn’t really a bookmark, but it is just as cool. It’s a Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card. It lists guidelines for: blessing the bread and water, conferring and ordaining to the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, naming and blessing children, baptizing, confirming, consecrating oil, anointing the sick, sealing the anointing and dedicating graves. Get it here. 


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