20 Ideas for Week 3 of #LightTheWorld: Light Your Family

20 Ideas for Week 3 of #LightTheWorld: Light Your Family

This year, the Church has split it’s “Light the World” campaign into four distinct weeks, with each focusing on a different sphere you can influence for good.


For the third week of December, we are encouraged to light our families. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here is a list of helpful ideas with varying degrees of time commitment and planning.

20 Ways to Light Your Family

  1. Pray for each member of your family specifically.
  2. Call a parent or parent figure on the phone.
  3. Write down a spiritual experience in your journal for future generations to remember.
  4. Spend some time doing your family history.
  5. Take a family name to the temple.
  6. Strive to have family prayer each evening.
  7. Make a family meal together.
  8. At dinner, go around the table and tell everyone why you love them.
  9. Hold a family council and discuss goals for the next year.
  10. Help someone with their chores, especially ones they don’t like.
  11. Wake up early and make breakfast for everyone.
  12. Have a priesthood holder give a blessing to the members of your family.
  13. Take a family photo together.
  14. Let someone sleep in.
  15. Take each of your children or siblings on a one-and-one activity.
  16. Do an activity you know your family member loves, even if you don’t enjoy it.
  17. Clean the house.
  18. Learn a new skill together.
  19. Write Christmas cards to each other.
  20. Bear your testimony to a family member.


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