20 Practical Ways to Give Time to God

20 Practical Ways to Give Time to God

We live in a busy, distraction-filled world. We are plugged in, tuned in, and often going faster than we have the strength to do so. We know we need to give time to God, but how do we do it? It is important to remember that the key to spending time with God, we have to make the time. We choose every day how to spend it; if we take a closer look, there may be more time than we think. If you need some help getting started, here are some practical and easy ways to begin making God the focus of your life.

1. Get momentum for your day by starting it with a prayer for help in making time for God.
2. Keep a CD of inspiring music in your player or create a special streaming playlist.
3. Sit in silence for at least 5 minutes and just ponder what you’re feeling at the moment.
4. Take a Sunday selfie and share something you learned at Church.
5. Write down one thing you’re grateful for each day.
6. Memorize a scripture and recite it throughout the week.
7. Keep a physical copy of the scriptures right next to your bed.
8. Download the Gospel Library app onto your phone.
9. Follow your favorite Latter-Day Saint influencers and sites on social media for daily inspiration.
10. Read the lesson for Relief Society or Priesthood on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.
11. Place a picture of Christ in the rooms/places you see the most of (such as a desk, a kitchen counter, etc.)
12. Make your phone background an inspiring quote or photo of the temple.
13. Plan a temple trip. If you don’t have easy access to a temple, set aside time to study about the temple specifically.
14. Create a clean, quiet place you can feel the spirit at.
15. Express gratitude, worry, or love for God the moment you feel it.
16. Leave your phone or computer in another room during scripture study.
17. Go for a quiet walk in nature.
18. Ask your family and friends your gospel-related questions.
19. Tape quotes from General Conference around your house.
20. Prioritize your activities and minimize the time you spend on distractions and things that don’t bring you closer to God.

What ways do you make time for God? 


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