5 Easy Halloween Service Ideas

5 Easy Halloween Service Ideas

Even though Halloween can be associated with scary and spooky things, you can fill it with light by serving others. These five easy Halloween service ideas are great for those you minister to and others around you who could use a treat.

You’ve Been Booed Treat

This festive anonymous act of service is inspired by ding-dong-ditching treats. Make a Halloween treat and anonymously leave it with someone you think would enjoy it. Many people use the “You’ve Been Booed” signs found on the internet to help encourage the receiver to then go and make a treat for someone else. You can find lots of free signs to print off on Pinterest.

Help Trick or Treating

Do you know a family who could use some help trick-or-treating? Offer to help by joining your families together or offering to go with them. Perhaps there are children whose parents work or don’t live in a safe area to trick-or-treat. You can also invite anyone who may be lonely to come over and go trick-or-treating with you or to help pass out candy.

Carve or Decorate a Pumpkin Together

Carving or decorating a pumpkin is a fun activity to do with someone who is homebound or doesn’t have family to celebrate with. It’s fun, festive, and offers you a chance to work on something with someone. They’ll love seeing the pumpkin, but they’ll love the gift of your time more. Based on the circumstances, you may also want to offer to come and clean up the pumpkin when the season is over.

Rake Up Leaves

Many parts of the world experience a lot of fallen leaves in October. Offer to help rake up leaves for someone. This is a great activity for families and youth groups. If you have time and the people you help don’t mind, it can be fun to put the leaves into pumpkin designed trash bags and leave them out on the law as a simple yard decoration.

Get Some Small Toys

Some children aren’t able to enjoy Halloween because of allergies to candy or other dietary restrictions. Alongside your candy bowl, get some small toys to pass out. Sticky hands, small pumpkin stress balls, vampire teeth, and stickers are all popular choices. Make sure to put a sign next to the bowl stating it is for children with any dietary restrictions.

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