5 Easy Pioneer Day Activities

5 Easy Pioneer Day Activities

Pioneer Day is a unique holiday celebrated by Latter-day Saints and honors early members of the faith and their trek to Utah in search of religious freedom. Whatever your lineage or wherever you live, these five easy Pioneer Day activities will help you and your family feel the faith of this season.

Watch a pioneer-themed day movie.

Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration

Multiple movies are available for free online, including:

You can also check your favorite streaming apps to see what’s available.

Make butter in a mason jar.

Preparing for Pioneer Day: Make Homemade Butter in a Mason Jar!

Making butter is a simple activity that reminds us of the work and dedication of early Latter-day Saint pioneers. All you need is heavy cream and a jar with a tight lid. All you have to do is shake and shake. Here are the full instructions.

Play stick pull.

Stick pull was a popular game in Joseph Smith’s time. Have two players sit with the soles of their feet touching, knees bent at a 90-degree angle. The first person places their hands in the middle of the stick, close together. The second person places their hands outside of the first person’s hands. There should be no room between any of the hands. The goal is to pull the other person up off the floor or pull the stick away. You can’t jerk quickly, twist the bar, or re-grip if your fingers start to slide.

Make sure to use a very smooth stick, such as a smooth broom handle without the brush or a sanded dowel. Here’s a great article about stick pull and Joseph Smith’s skills in the activity.

Learn about an ancestor.

All of our ancestors are pioneers in their own right, whether they traveled across the plains or not. Find an ancestry in your history and learn more about them with your family. Put up their picture and consider studying the period of time in which they lived.

Download this Pioneer Day coloring page.

This free Pioneer Day coloring page is great to keep hands busy during your celebrations. Download it here for children, Church groups, and ministering friends.

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