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5 Easy Ways to Invite Someone to Church on Easter

As the world prepares to celebrate a series of sacred events crowned by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is important to set aside the candy and colorful dresses for a moment to prayerfully seek out those to share the Easter message with.

To help in this effort, the Church has encouraged members to invite others to our services on Easter Sunday. Elder Dieter F. Ucthdorf’s words in the April 2019 General Conference help highlight the feelings of the brethren.

“In whatever ways seem natural and normal to you, share with people why Jesus Christ and His Church are important to you. Invite them to ‘come and see.’ Then encourage them to come and help…Pray not only for the not only for the missionaries to find the elect. Pray daily with all your heart that you will find those who will come and see, come and help, and come and stay.”

If you would like to follow this counsel in your life, read through these five easy ways to invite someone to church on Easter and prayerfully consider how you might implement them.

1. Offer a simple invitation.

It’s intimidating sometimes, but a simple invitation made in person is the most effective way to ask someone to go to church with you. Preach My Gospel states, “Invitations should be specific, direct, and clear. They invite or lead people to decide on a course of action. They require them to make a commitment and to exercise active faith.”

We suggest calling or visiting with someone to invite them to Church. As a last resort, a text message or social media chat may also be useful. Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing what to say. Here are a few easy phrases you can use.

  • Do you have plans for Easter Sunday? Would you like to come with our family to church?
  • Easter Sunday is one of our favorite church services. There are beautiful music and talks. Would you like to come with me?
  • We’re getting ready for Easter Sunday and I thought it might be something you enjoy. Would you like to come?
  • I’m excited for Easter. Our Easter church services are really special. I’d love for you to join me.

2. Invite them to the Facebook event.

The Church has created a specific Facebook event to spread the word about Easter Sunday. Click here to learn more about it. RSVP to show your support and help the event gain traction. Then, go through your list of friends and invite those you may feel would appreciate learning more. The event showcases videos from the Church and information on how to find a meetinghouse for Easter Sunday.

3. Invite them to dinner (or another activity).

Easter represents renewal and grace. It is a time for celebration! Do you have an Easter luncheon or dinner? Maybe you have an Easter egg hunt with the kids? Include your friend in all of the festivities. Invite them to dinner or another activity and let them know you’ll also be going to Church and would love to have them join you for all of it.

Remember, an invitation needs to be genuine and with a heart focused on serving and sharing love with others. Including an invitation to your other Easter festivities often helps the invitation to church feel more natural and sincere.

4. Share this image.

We’ve created a special image for you to share on social media. It’s great for Facebook and Instagram. Right click to save!

When you share it, ask your friends to message you if they’re interested in joining you on Easter so they can go with you to a service. Include the address to your chapel and a link to so they can find the chapel closest to them if they’re not local.

5. Share this video.

The Church has put together a special video inviting others to come for our Easter service. It’s available on all social media sites, including Facebook and YouTube.

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