5 Socially Distanced Ways to Minister This Halloween

5 Socially Distanced Ways to Minister This Halloween

Halloween will look different this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be tough, especially for families with young children. It is a great time for ministering brothers and sisters to boost spirits and focus on treating those they serve. Here are five ways you can minister to others this Halloween while staying safe.

1. Send a Halloween card.

Getting something in the mail always brightens someone’s day. Get a cute Halloween card and send it through the mail. Since General Conference is held in October, you may want to share your favorite quote or things that you learned. It can also be fun to have other members of your family, especially children, draw Halloween pictures on the card for added smiles.

2. Do a virtual costume fashion show (or a socially-distanced parade).

Help families enjoy their costumes with a virtual fashion show where they can show off their costumes. If possible, you may be able to do a parade of costumes as a ward or as ministering families. Gather in a large area and have the children walk through the room one at a time or as siblings. Take pictures or video so the children can see themselves to enjoy later if they’re feeling down about missing out on Halloween traditions.

3. Create a decoration they can use.

Drop off a decoration your ministering friend can enjoy. This could be pre-made decorations such as orange Christmas lights, a pumpkin with a carving kit, or cobwebs. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make something they can enjoy year after year. It will also give you something to do.

4. Make a caramel apple kit.

People can feel down when there aren’t fun activities to do as usual. Help dispel the boredom and gloom with a caramel apple kit. Get apples, caramels, sticks, and decorations. Put it in a basket and drop it off. Your ministering friends will have an activity AND a treat all in one.

5. Decorate their sidewalk with chalk.

This is a great option if you’d like to get kids involved. Using colorful chalk, decorate the sidewalk with fun Halloween symbols like pumpkins, cats, leaves, and candy corn. Write Happy Halloween alongside messages of encouragement and love.

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