5 Things You Should Start Doing Now to Prepare for General Conference

General Conference is this weekend. That means we only have a few days until we will hear the words of our prophets and apostles. It really is an enlightening and inspiring weekend, but it can be even better if you start doing these 5 things. They will help you prepare to hear the words that will be spoken, and allow you to be further enlightened.

  1. Write down questions that you want answered.
    This has been said so often, that you may already be much farther along than writing down questions a week in advance. However, there are many of us that need this reminder. We may have never done this before, but perhaps now is the time. The gospel was restored with a question. Perhaps some of your faith may also be restored with a question. It will take asking in faith, but we have been promised that Conference can be a time for those questions to be answered.
  2. If you aren’t doing so already, spend some time studying the scriptures.
    The Lord has already spoken to us through His servants so many times. Refresh your mind with the written word of God that can be found in the scriptures. Allow the Spirit to work through you and prepare you for the spiritual feast that this weekend should be.
  3. Clear your weekend. Work hard now so that you can spend General Conference weekend focused on the words of the Lord’s prophet. If you are behind on work, get ahead. If you have homework, do it now. Doing this will not only allow you to have a more relaxing weekend, but a weekend where you can have those questions answered and that inspiration come.
  4. Make plans. Prep your dinner meals, and invite friends and family to watch or listen to our LDS General Conference with you. It can be hard for some who are without families to watch a conference full of talks about eternal families. If this is you, don’t allow yourself to succumb to that loneliness. Be with those you love.
  5. Pray to be enlightened. By following the above steps, you will have done what is necessary to prepare yourself. Praying will further allow preparation, but preparation by God.

Even if you only do one of these things, we hope that you will see a difference in how your personal of experience of General Conference goes. To learn how to tune into General Conference, click here!


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