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5 Things to Fast From Other Than Food & Water

5 Things to Fast From Other Than Food & Water

Latter-day Saints believe in the principle of fasting. When we fast, we abstain from food and water for a set period of time (generally 24 hours on the first Sunday of each month), to sacrifice our physical needs to place spiritual needs first.

Fasting, for many, can be difficult. Due to medical reasons, it is impossible to completely fast for others. If you find yourself struggling to fast or unable to do so, the principle of fasting can still be acted upon in other ways. Instead of fasting from food and water, consider fasting from other things. By doing so, you show the Lord your willingness to sacrifice.

Here are five things to fast from other than food and water.

1. Technology

Modern-day life is saturated with technology and it can have a profoundly negative effect on our spiritual well-being. Fast from technology by unplugging completely. Leave your phone at home and turned off. Don’t listen to music, watch movies, or play video games.

The time unplugged may even inspire you to do serve God and others in unexpected ways.

2. Sunday Clothes

It’s hard not to put on comfy clothes once your church meetings are over. While many good activities need stretchier pants, consider staying dressed in your Sunday best throughout the day. Not only will you be sacrificing some level of physical comfort, but your dress may help you focus on the spirit.

3. Naps

Everyone loves a good Sunday nap! If you’re unable to fast from food and water, skip your Sunday nap and use the time to minister and serve.

4. Your Favorite Foods

Sometimes there seems to be no middle ground when it comes to fasting. Either you’re able to fast or you just eat all the food you want. If you can’t fast for medical reasons, give up the yummy meals you’d normally eat and stick to simpler fare. Just eating bread and water or simple fruits and veggies can keep you strong while still sacrificing your favorite treats.

5.  Something Meaningful

At the end of the day, sacrifice is meant to be deeply personal and meaningful. The power of fasting doesn’t just come from abstaining but from the love and loyalty in our hearts. Prayerful discover a meaningful sacrifice with God. Be willing to be uncomfortable as you look for unique ways to fast and show your desire to sacrifice for Him.

Have you ever struggled with fasting? What helped you?

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