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5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas on a Sunday

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas on a Sunday

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This year, Christmas falls on a Sunday. While this can be a great opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, finding a balance between festivities and Sabbath Day worship can be difficult. Here are 5 easy ways to celebrate Christmas on a Sunday.

Partake of the Sacrament

As tempting as it may be to skip Church, going to Church and renewing your covenants is a powerful reminder of why Christmas is important in the first place. Talk with your family about what a special opportunity it is to have Christmas on a Sunday and why worshiping God is important. Make plans to do more secular traditions on Christmas Eve. Preparation throughout the week will help your family understand why Christmas may be different this year.

Watch a Nativity Movie

There are a lot of Sunday appropriate Christmas movies. There is 2006’s The Nativity Story, Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas, and some great streaming options in the Faith and Spirituality sections of your online watching sites. Cuddle up together for some faith-inspiring entertainment that will help you feel the spirit and spend time together.

Visit Someone Lonely

After all the presents are unwrapped, give a gift of your time to someone else. Many people on Christmas don’t have anyone to celebrate with. Consider visiting a nursing home, homeless shelter, or a needy family in your ward. Depending on your schedule and availability, you can also invite others to your home. You can also see if the missionaries in your ward have a place to go and a phone to call home with.

Go Caroling

Caroling is fun, festive, and an easy way to serve others. Practice some of your favorite Christmas hymns and songs during the day. Then, plan the best route. You may prefer to go up and down your street, to a hospital, or a dedicated list of people in need. If you are unable to leave the house, gather together and sing songs together.

Give a Gift to the Savior

Spend time on Christmas day thinking about what gifts you want to give to Jesus Christ. You can do a short lesson, put on some sacred Christmas music, and write them down together as a family. One idea is to put all the slips of paper into a special container and keep it out all year long. Then, on the next Christmas, open it up and see how you did.


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