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5 Ways to See Yourself in the Temple

5 Ways to See Yourself in the Temple

In April 2016, Elder Quentin L. Cook issued a challenge to all members to see themselves in the temple.

He said, “Brothers and sisters, I pray that each of us will honor the Savior and make any necessary changes to see ourselves in His sacred temples. In doing so, we can accomplish His holy purposes and prepare ourselves and our families for all the blessings the Lord and His Church can bestow in this life and eternity.”

In a world where we often feel weighed down by sin and weaknesses, it can be truly difficult to envision ourselves enjoy the blessings of Heavenly Father’s holy house. How can we do a better job of seeing ourselves in the temple? Here are five suggestions.

Learn About the Temple Nearest You

All temples are beautiful houses of the Lord and we can find ourselves deeply connected to the temples we visit. Connecting with the temple nearest you can grow your appreciation for the temple ordinances and help you make your vision of attending more clear. There are many resources to learn about the history of temples. LDS Church Temples is a comprehensive website for all the temples around the world and both American Temples and Temples of the New Millennium contain beautiful images and facts about temples in the United States.

Place Reminders of the Temple in Your Home

With so much going on in our lives, even important things like temple work can slip through the cracks. Having photos or paintings of the temple in your home can be a great reminder of the covenants you’re striving to make or keep. Many are relatively cheap, as low as 50 cents. You can also go to and download photos there. Place them where you are sure to see them and give them to members of your family.

Share the Gospel With Others

The ordinances of the temple are sublime and eternal. Everything that is done in the Church is to bring families together in the temple. By sharing the gospel with others, we are helping to lead them closer to this goal. Look for opportunities to share your testimony and strive to serve others. Speak openly, but reverently about why temples are important to you and your family.

Take a Temple Prep Class

The Church provides multiple resources to help people learn about the ordinances of the temple. One of the best is the Temple Preparation course. It is especially great for those preparing to go to the temple for the first time. You can check with your ward to see when the class is offered or you can study from the manual yourself online.

Take Inventory of Your Life With Christ

The road to the temple includes keeping the commandments and striving beyond our weaknesses. It can all seem overwhelming. For some, the goal of attending the temple may seem out of reach. However, Christ has prepared a path for all to come closer to him. As we earnestly seek to become better, we can experience a mighty change of heart through the Atonement. Take some time on a regular basis to review your goals and set new ones to improve as you strive to either attend the temple for the first time or make your temple attendance more enriching.



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