Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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50 Great Ideas for the Young Women "My 150" Challenge

50 Great Ideas for the Young Women “My 150” Challenge

Earlier this week, the Young Women’s organization for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a special challenge to commemorate their 150th anniversary. The challenge is called “My 150” and to complete it young women are invited to think of an activity they can do related to 150 to commemorate the anniversary. To help young women and their leaders around the world, we’ve created a list of 50 ideas they can consider.


  1. Read 150 pages of scripture.
  2. Index 150 family names.
  3. Send 150 encouraging texts.
  4. Work together to find 150 names to take to the temple.
  5. Write in your journal for 150 days straight.
  6. Turn your phone off for 150 minutes every day.
  7. Say thank you to 150 people.
  8. Smile at 150 people.
  9. Collect 150 goods to donate to a needy organization.
  10. Learn about 150 women from Church history.
  11. Share 150 inspiring quotes from General Conference on social media.
  12. Find and study 150 verses about women in the scriptures.
  13. Help a Relief Society sister minister 150 times.
  14. Say 150 prayers of gratitude only.
  15. Give 150 sincere compliments.
  16. Send 150 letters to missionaries serving around the world.
  17. Write down 150 things you have a testimony of and why.
  18. Leave 150 quarters at laundromats around your town.
  19. Recycle 150 things from inside your home.
  20. Do 150 chores at home without being asked.
  21. Ask someone how they really are 150 times.
  22. Find 150 things to be grateful for within 7 days.
  23. Watch and study 150 General Conference talks.
  24. Write 150 reasons why you love every member of your young women’s group and share it with them.
  25. Volunteer to teach a skill or talent to 150 different people.
  26. Bake 150 treats for a bake sale and donate the money to charity.
  27. Pray for someone in need 150 times.
  28. Keep a good habit for 150 days.
  29. Spend 150 minutes of learning a new talent.
  30. Write down 150 things you love about yourself.
  31. Find 150 times the word “love” is used in the scriptures.
  32. Get together with 15 friends and make 10 crafts each to give away.
  33. Memorize 150 verses of scripture.
  34. Earn $150 for charity.
  35. Run 150 miles and ponder how a healthy body helps you serve others.
  36. Babysit for 150 minutes.
  37. Help your family members 150 times.
  38. Spend 150 minutes talking with your grandparents or another elderly person.
  39. Learn about provident living by growing or working in a garden for 150 hours.
  40. Read 150 books that inspire your testimony and help you grow.
  41. Leave 150 sticky notes of encouragement in library books.
  42. Learn 150 new facts about the life of Jesus Christ.
  43. Post 150 happy quotes on social media.
  44. Pick up 150 pieces of trash at a park or outdoor recreational area.
  45. Pray for 150 minutes in total each day.
  46. Send 150 hand-written letters to loved ones and friends.
  47. Wave at 150 people.
  48. Talk with a trusted adult about a struggle you have for 150 minutes.
  49. Create a playlist of inspiring music that is at least 150 minutes long. Share it with others.
  50. Share your testimony in some way 150 times.

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