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6 Stunning Grown-Up CTR Rings

6 Stunning Grown-Up CTR Rings

What began as a new curriculum project by a committee of eight women in the 1970s has turned into an enduring symbol for members of the Church around the world. CTR rings were generally given out to primary children, but over the years they became a constant accessory for faithful Latter-day Saints no matter their age. Gone are the days of the green adjustable rings! Now, you can enjoy stunning designs that are as unique as you are. Here are just six examples of great CTR rings for adults.

The Shield Cutout Ring is a modern design that combines the classic shape of a CTR shield cut from a cute rose gold bar.

This ring is perfect for women who want to remember the spirit of choosing the right in a subtle way. It features an open shield and comes in both silver and rose gold.

Whether you served a foreign speaking mission or are a native speaker yourself, you can now have a CTR ring in the language you love. From ASL to Ukrainian, there are over 40 languages available in both wide and narrow styles. Check out the whole collection here.

Love pop culture? These rings are for you! They say Choose the Right in beloved fictional languages, including Elvish, Gallifreyan, Klingon, Hylian, and more. If you want a great way to start a conversation, these will do it. You can see all the options here.

The Chain Spinner CTR Ring is unique and interesting. The middle chain spins around and the words Choose the Right are printed simply around the top and bottom border. This ring is especially great for priesthood holders.

The most unique CTR ring is one that isn’t a CTR ring at all! Instead, choose an inspiring reminder that means something to you. Not only is there a blank ring you can personalize, but there are also pre-made rings with messages such as “Be Still” and “Let God.” See them all here.

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