6 Things to Thank Your Dad For

Dads around the world are different. However, there is at least one thing they have in common: they deserve our thanks for a countless number of things. Here are six things we should thank our faithful father-figures for.


Dads tend to be the ‘bad cop’ in the family and with that comes a lesson of respect. You learn to respect your dad, his rules, and the way he likes to run things. And although learning respect is a lesson that may be swallowed with a sour taste, it is a lesson that must be learned. Respect allows us to treat others decently, and to turn the other cheek. Did your dad ask you to treat your mother well? Did your dad scold you for fighting with siblings? Did your dad treat you with respect? With a yes to any of those questions, comes a thank you to dads. We learned how the world needs us to act.


For many people, the way they love their father and the way they love their mother, differs at least slightly. But because of your dad, you learned to love differently. Respect comes up again here, because yes, you learn to love your father with respect. And you learned to appreciate the little ways your dad showed his love to you. Rather than being showered with love as perhaps your mom did, your dad probably showed his love for you in more subtle, smaller ways. Perhaps he was not home very often because he was out travelling for work. The reason for that being, that he needed to support the family he loved by working. Whether it was hard work, tucking you in at night, or lending a small smile here and there, you can thank your dad for the love he extended, and the love he taught you to have.


With all of the work that your dad probably exhibited, you realized the importance of perseverance. A long day at work and an evening full of rambunctious kids take a bit of perseverance to get through. And your dad did it day in and day out. Did he help you with your school projects and your preparations for a big test? Did he carry you from the couch to your bed after a long day? Did he stay by your family’s side through the thick and thin? Within all of that, is perseverance.


Dads tend to be the type of people who work hard without a wisp of complaining. There is such a grand humility in that. That someone can work so hard, and deal with so much, yet not boast about their dedication. Watching that, or something like that in your dad also deserves a thank you.


Yes, this is the opposite realm of humility, but most of us probably learned confidence from our dads as well. It is almost as if humility and confidence go hand in hand. Your dad showed you how confidence can help you succeed, but was humble enough to not boast in his wise ways. Questions about school or friends were answered by a dad who had confidence in you.


By this part of the list, it really starts to show how dads are really a powerful part of our lives. And among humility and perseverance, our dads also taught us kindness. Whether it was in speech to our moms or to friends at church, the twinkle in your dad’s eye showed that through it all, he had a good heart.

So thank you dads out there, for teaching respect, love, perseverance, humility, confidence, and kindness. With lessons like that, even as a child, we were able to grow into people who can now turn around and say, “Thank you dad. Your lessons and example showed us who we want to be.”




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