7 Ways to Involve Primary Leaders in Relief Society

7 Ways to Involve Primary Leaders in Relief Society

If you’ve ever served in the Primary, you know what a joy it is. You also know it can be difficult to feel connected to your other Relief Society sisters. Whether you serve in the Primary or the Relief Society, here are seven easy ways you can maintain a strong bond as a sisterhood.

Say Hello At Church

It’s easy to get caught up with our families or friends at church. We sit in the same pews and talk to the same people. We can be busy and involved, rushing through our meetings without catching a breath. By slowing down and opening up our eyes, we will find multiple opportunities to serve. Take some time to go over and say hello to the sisters who serve in the Primary. If you’re able, try to get to know them and their families a little bit better.

Send Out a Newsletter

Send out a weekly Sunday newsletter to your Relief Society sisters. This is a great responsibility for the Relief Society secretary or as another calling for a savvy sister. You can make it simple or elaborate. Take notes from the lesson or highlights from the manual and include them. It is also a good idea to include the calendar of activities and other important dates. You can send them out through email or post it on your ward’s Facebook group. Make sure that Primary leaders get it!

Invite Them to Activities

A newsletter is great, but nothing beats a personal invitation. Visit Primary leaders at church or in their homes and invite them to activities. Work with your service committee, other Relief Society sisters, or the Young Women to see how you can help your Primary leaders feel more able to attend.

Visits from the Relief Society Presidency

The Relief Society presidency should regularly check in with those serving in the Primary. Whether you go on visits weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, schedule a time to visit your Primary leaders. Ask them how their calling is going, what they could use from the Relief Society.

Offer to Sub

Many Primary leaders miss the chance to be spiritually nourished with their Relief Society sisters. If you can, offer to substitute for a Primary leader so they can attend Relief Society. While you don’t want to stretch anyone out to thin, sometimes leaders and teachers need a break every few months or so.

Schedule Activities

There is no way to schedule Relief Society activities that will meet everyone’s needs. However, try to take the schedules of Primary leaders into consideration. Ask them what is going on and if there is a good time for them to attend.

Visiting Teaching

At the end of the day, there is no better outreach tool than the visiting teaching program. When implemented in an inspired and diligent way, visiting teaching can be a great source of comfort and support for your Primary leaders.

These are just a few ways you can involve your Primary leaders in the wonderful spiritual sisterhood of the Relief Society. Share any other ideas in the comments below.


7 Ways to Involve Primary Leaders in Relief Society

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