An LDS Oil Vial for Women

An LDS Oil Vial for Women

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, consecrated olive oil is used to bless, heal, and comfort by men holding the priesthood. It is a detail of priesthood blessings that hearkens back to Old Testament times and has heavy symbolism to Jesus Christ.

Today, many men carry consecrated oil on their person in order to be prepared at a moment’s notice to serve those around them by administering priesthood blessings. The most common way to carry oil is with an oil vial. They are generally small, made of metal, and carried on key chains. Men once they are ordained to the priesthood, are encouraged to be prepared by having oil with them.

Though women are not ordained to the priesthood, one LDS company believes they can be prepared and support the priesthood by carrying oil with them. has created a new oil vial specifically with women in mind.

There are times when men forget or do not have oil available. Many women do not have priesthood holders in their home. Some simply want to be more prepared for emergencies. That is where the Rose Gold Oil Vial comes in.

Rose Gold Oil Vial | LDS Oil Vial for Women

The Rose Gold Oil Vial is a little longer than your average oil vial. This was done so it can fit easily on a key chain, but still be easy to grab when inside a purse or diaper bag. It has a rubber seal to prevent leaks and a deep threads to keep the lid on securely. It comes in a simple rose gold matte finish. The company spent months talking with LDS women to try and create a product that they would not only love, but help connect them to the priesthood.

You can learn more about the Rose Gold Oil Vial here.

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