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Book Review: Dads Who Stay and Fight by Greg Trimble

Book Review: Dads Who Stay and Fight by Greg Trimble

In a world saturated with images of absentee fathers, the idea of being the hero of your family may seem overwhelming and impossible for any man. Yet, according to a new book from popular LDS author Greg Trimble, that is exactly what Latter-day Saint men should and must become.

The good news? Dads Who Stay and Fight: How to Be a Hero for Your Family is a practical, yet engaging guide that will give any dad the confidence he needs to stay in the fight for redeeming fatherhood.

“In this book, I’m going to focus specifically on being the kind of dad that fights against what the world is trying to do to his family,” writes Trimble in the book’s introduction. “If good men don’t grow up to be good dads, then the family will suffer to no end. We can’t let that happen. We’ve got to fight.”

If this is a fight, each section of this book can be considered a singular punch and kick. In fact, one of the book’s strengths is its manageable chapters. Each one is only a few pages long and laser-focused on singular qualities and roles dads can hope to achieve. For example, there are sections entitled “Dads with Soft Heart,” “Dads Who Serve Mom,” and “Dads Who Are Emotionally Intelligent.” The book also breaks down specific relationships and circumstances. There is help for dads and sons, dads and daughters, adoptive dads, and more.

While any dad can likely get something from this book, it is definitely geared towards Latter-day Saints. Trimble combines personal stories, doctrine from the scriptures, words of Latter-day prophets, and anecdotes from history and culture to drive each point home. With so much to draw together, Trimble does a good job of staying on point and transitioning from one principle to the next. It’s also refreshing to read a book, written by a man, encouraging attributes that are in direct opposition to the toxic masculinity that permeates much of the discussion surrounding what many who call traditional father roles. Trimble makes it clear; a dad who stays and fights is one who is vulnerable, humble, loving, loyal, and present.

If there’s anything you get out of Dads Who Stay and Fight, it is a testimony that the world is in desperate needs dads. An especially poignant introduction by Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (a non-profit dedicated to saving children from sex-slavery), sets the tone.

“If I could say one thing to every father who reads this book, it would be this: pay attention. Because you have no idea how important your contribution to the rising generation will be. There is no greater cause and no greater calling than to be a dad! It’s all up to you! Let’s go!”

Dads Who Stay and Fight is a softcover book and has 171 pages. It is available here for $14.99.




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