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How Do I Build a Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ? - FHE Lesson

How Do I Build a Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ? – FHE Lesson



John 17:3

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.



Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer | Hymn #103

1. Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
Thy sweet message now impart.
May thy Spirit, pure and fervid,
Enter ev’ry timid heart;
Carry there the swift conviction,
Turning back the sinful tide.
Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
May each soul in thee abide.

2. Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
We are weak but thou art strong;
In thy infinite compassion,
Stay the tide of sin and wrong.
Keep thy loving arms around us;
Keep us in the narrow way.
Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
Let us never from thee stray.

3. Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
Thou wilt bind the broken heart.
Let not sorrow overwhelm us;
Dry the bitter tears that start.
Curb the winds and calm the billows;
Bid the angry tempest cease.
Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
Grant us everlasting peace.




*Suitable for All Ages*
Begin by asking everyone to think for a moment about their closest relationships, whether it with a friend or family member.

Ask: What are some of the characteristics of a close relationship?

Read aloud: In John 17, Jesus Christ tells us that eternal life comes from knowing him and our Heavenly Father. We are meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, our Comforter, and our Friend. By building a relationship with Christ, we will gain more peace, more power to do good, and a better understanding of our total dependence upon God.

Watch this video. Before you do so, ask everyone to think about some of the things that make building a relationship with Jesus Christ hard.



Ask: What can hold us back from building a relationship with Christ? What has helped you come closer to Christ?

Read aloud: President James E. Faust has given us five “essential measures” we can use to build our relationship with Christ.

  • Daily communion involving prayer.
  • Daily selfless service to another.
  • Daily striving for obedience.
  • Daily acknowledgement of the Savior’s divinity.
  • Daily study of the scriptures.

Have everyone work alone or gather in groups to think and discuss how these can draw them closer to Christ.

Finish the lesson by bearing your testimony of building a relationship with Christ.



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