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All The Changes You Need to Know About Visiting Teaching

All The Changes You Need to Know About Visiting Teaching

At the start of 2018, the church made major changes to the curriculum for Relief Society and Priesthood classes. The changes included instituting councils, focusing on recent General Conference talks pertinent to the ward, and discontinuing the “Teachings of the Prophets” manuals.

With the curriculum change also comes a change to the monthly Visiting Teaching message.

Instead of providing a specific message, sisters will receive a “Visiting Teaching Principle” each month, available on and in the Ensign. Sisters are the encouraged to study the principle and seek personal revelation about the needs of those they visit. While sharing a gospel message is important, the Church hopes this change will allow sisters to meet personal needs in whatever way is best.

In the Janaury 2018 Ensign, where the Visiting Teaching message used to be, it states:

“Rather than provide a specific message, each month this page will feature a different principle to help us minister more effectively to each other. As you pray and seek inspiration, you will know the spiritual message and service each sister needs.”

You can click here to read messages from the Relief Society Presidency about why the change is important and how it can be implemented.

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