Church Releases New Family Home Evening Lesson on Sexual Intimacy

Church Releases New Family Home Evening Lesson on Sexual Intimacy

In November 2014, the Church released a series of Family Home Evening (FHE) lessons designed to help parents and guardians teach children about the dangers of pornography. This month, a new lesson was released on the Church’s website dedicated to overcoming pornography. The lesson focuses on teaching children on the sacred and beautiful  nature of sexual intimacy while also helping adults feel more comfortable talking about such sensitive subjects on a regular basis. The beginning of the lesson states:

Many parents avoid addressing the topic of sexual relations and sexuality with their children. Some parents incorrectly assume that talking about sex will encourage their children to act out sexually or that their children are too young to have questions. Many did not talk openly about these topics with their own parents and feel uncomfortable talking about them in their families. They may also feel ill-qualified to teach about something they are currently struggling with. Whatever your hesitations or fears, it is vital that you discuss sexual intimacy with your children on an ongoing basis. Children and teenagers are regularly bombarded with damaging ideas about sex, and you have the opportunity to help them create a positive, gospel-driven understanding of sexual intimacy. As you study these resources, counsel with the Lord to determine the approach that will allow you to have a meaningful discussion about sex with your children.

The lesson comes with numerous scriptures and resources to help you prepare spiritually beforehand, guides to introduce the doctrine, and appropriate activities and discussions to hold as a family.

You can view the entire lesson plan online here. What do you think about the Church creating such a lesson? How have you worked with your family to help them understand the sacred nature of sexual intimacy?



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