FHE Lesson on Manners - Saying Please & Thank You

FHE Lesson on Manners – Saying Please & Thank You

This FHE lesson on manners starts with why saying “please” and “thank you” is important, but then expands onto the power of expressing thanks and how it can change the world and your relationship with God. 



Proverbs 16:24

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.



A Song of Thanks | Children’s Songbook pg. 20

Thank thee for the world so sweet;
Thank thee for the food we eat;
Thank thee for the birds that sing;
Thank thee, God, for ev’rything!



For Children

Begin the lesson by asking: What are some of your favorite words?

Read aloud: Heavenly Father cares about the words we use. The scripture Proverbs 16:24 says: “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” This means kind words are sweet, good, and help people.

Two of the best words we can use are “please” and “thank you.”

Ask: Why do we say “please” and “thank you”?

Read aloud: We say “please” when we are asking for something. We say “thank you” when we receive something. Using these words is a sign of respect, kindness, and gratitude. It shows we don’t just care about what we want and receive, but about how other people feel and the sacrifices they make to help us.

Ask: What are some situations when we should use “please” and “thank you”?

Read aloud: Just as we should use these kind words with family, friends, teachers, and strangers, it’s important we try to talk to God with kindness. God wants to know how we’re really feeling and understands sometimes when we’re upset. However, God loves it when we say “thank you” to him and remember how good he has been to us.

Ask: How can we remember to say “thank you” to God more often?

Finish the lesson by sharing your testimony.

For Teens & Adults

Begin the lesson by watching the following video. Before pressing play, ask everyone to ponder as they watch about what the video teaches us about expressing gratitude.

Ask: What did you learn from this video about expressing thanks.

Read aloud: From the time we are young, we are taught to use polite words such as “please” and “thank you.” As we grow, these expressions can become rote and without a lot of meaning. However, there is so much power in telling someone “thank you,” especially if we’ve asked them for help.

In this video, we’re reminded that we often assume people know how we feel about what they’ve done for us. We forget what saying “thank you” can do.

Ask: How do you feel, when someone tells you “thank you”?

Read aloud: Sharing gratitude isn’t always easy. We get busy. We get lazy. We get scared. We worry about rejection and the vulnerability that comes with sharing our feelings. It’s important to remember it all starts with something as simple as saying the words “please” or “thank you” and that is easy.

Ask: How can we do a better job at saying “thank you” in our daily lives?

Finish the lesson by bearing your testimony.

For Single Study

Watch the video above and then go to the scriptures and read as many as you can find on giving thanks. Write down how these scriptures apply in your life. Finish by choosing someone you want to express thanks to and doing it.

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Thank You Notes

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