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FHE Lesson on Service – God Knows the Needs of Others

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This FHE Lesson on service is about how God knows the needs of all his children and how we can use the Spirit to discern these needs and serve others. 




James 5:16

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.



Lord, I Would Follow Thee | Hymn #220

1. Savior, may I learn to love thee,
Walk the path that thou hast shown,
Pause to help and lift another,
Finding strength beyond my own.
Savior, may I learn to love thee–

Lord, I would follow thee.

2. Who am I to judge another
When I walk imperfectly?
In the quiet heart is hidden
Sorrow that the eye can’t see.
Who am I to judge another?


3. I would be my brother’s keeper;
I would learn the healer’s art.
To the wounded and the weary
I would show a gentle heart.
I would be my brother’s keeper–


4. Savior, may I love my brother
As I know thou lovest me,
Find in thee my strength, my beacon,
For thy servant I would be.
Savior, may I love my brother–





For Children

Read aloud: Everything in the world needs something. Fish need water. Birds need nests. Flowers need water and sun. You and I need many things too.

Ask: What are some things that we need? [Food, shelter, clothes]

Read aloud: Sometimes, we need very specific things. When we are sick, we may need medicine. When we are sad, we may need a hug. When we are confused, we may need answers. These things we need can be very personal and be very important to us.

Ask: Who knows everything we need? [God]

Read aloud: God knows everything we need! He knows everything in our hearts. Even if we don’t tell anyone, he is aware of us and loves us. Because God loves us, he wants to help us. One of the ways he does this is by inspiring other people to serve us when we need it.

Share a personal experience when someone was inspired to help you in a way you needed it. If appropriate, you can ask your children if they’ve had any personal experiences like that.

Read aloud: You and I do not always know what people need. Because God knows, we can pray to him to learn how to serve others. Through the Holy Ghost, he can tell us specific things to do and ways to serve.

Ask: What are some ways we can pray to know the needs of others? [What can I do to serve my brother today? What does Mommy need right now? How can I be nice to my classmate?]

Finish the lesson by answering any questions and bearing your testimony.

For Teens and Adults

Begin by asking this question: Is there a time in your life when God knew what you needed and helped you?

Read aloud: As a loving Heavenly Father, God knows our hearts and the situations we are walking through. He is acutely aware of our needs and our desires. Through Jesus Christ, we are uplifted, healed, and watched over. Jesus Christ also knows needs and desires of those around us. Consider this quote by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

“As we emulate His perfect example, our hands can become His hands; our eyes, His eyes; our heart, His heart.”

God has given us the power of discernment and the gift of the Holy Ghost. We can use these heavenly tools to bless the lives of others.

Ask: What are some ways we can become spiritual in tune with the needs of others. [Prayer, fasting, listening, fulfilling our callings.]]

Share a personal experience when someone was in tune with the spirit and served you in a meaningful way. Ask others to share personal experiences.

Finish the lesson by bearing your testimony of God’s awareness and the blessings of service.

For Single Study

Read the talk “You Are His Hands” by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Take notes on what stands out to you from the talk. Then, sit and ponder five ways you can serve those around you in the upcoming week. If so prompted, write down the names of specific individuals and make a plan.



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FHE Game / ActivityActivity


Sponge Water Toss

For this activity, you’ll need big sponges and buckets of water. Have everyone in clothes they are willing to get wet in. Let the sponges soak up water and then begin tossing them to one another. You can be in pairs and have a competition to see who can keep it going back and forth the longest or stand in a circle and toss it to one another.


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