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Doctrine and Covenants FHE Lesson - This Greater Priesthood

Doctrine and Covenants FHE Lesson – This Greater Priesthood

The priesthood power has been restored on the earth, giving us access to the mysteries of the kingdom of God. This Doctrine and Covenants FHE lesson on the priesthood helps us better understand the importance of the priesthood in our lives.



Doctrine and Covenants 84:19

And this greater priesthood administereth the gospel and holdeth the key of the mysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of God.



The Priesthood Is Restored | Children’s Songbook #89

The priesthood is restored,
The truth made known to man,
That God has spoken to the earth,
His pow’r is here again.




Begin the lesson by playing the following video. Ask the children to think about why the priesthood is important.

Ask: Why is the priesthood important?

Read aloud: The priesthood is important because it gives us access to His power. With His power, we can have the light of Jesus Christ in our lives. After a period when the permission to use the priesthood was not on the earth, Jesus restored the priesthood through Joseph Smith.

Ask: What are some ways the priesthood blesses our lives?

Read aloud: The priesthood blesses our lives through ordinances, like baptism and the sacrament. We can also get priesthood blessings to help us when we are sick, scared, or needing guidance.

Discuss how the children can reach out to a trusted priesthood leader if they need help. Finish by sharing a personal experience and your testimony.


Begin the lesson by asking: The priesthood power of God is often related to the idea of keys in the scriptures. Why is the analogy of keys so fitting for the priesthood?

Read aloud: In the early days of the Church, many missionaries went out to share the news of the restored gospel. As they worked hard to rebuild the kingdom of God on earth with His authority, they were given comfort that God had given them power.

Read Doctrine and Covenants 84:17-20 together. Ask everyone to think about what they learn about the priesthood.

Ask: What do these verses teach us about the priesthood? How does the priesthood bring the power of godliness into your life?

Share a personal experience about how the priesthood has blessed your life. Ask others to do the same and close with your testimony.


Read through “The Power of Godliness through Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings” by Neil L. Andersen. Ponder on one way you can find more power and peace through each of the ordinances and blessings listed.

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