FHE Lesson on Love - Love One Another

FHE Lesson on Love – Love One Another

This FHE lesson on love is about how we can love one another and why it is so important to do so. 




John 13:34

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.



Love One Another | Children’s Songbook, Pg. 136

As I have loved you,
Love one another.
This new commandment:
Love one another.
By this shall men know
Ye are my disciples,
If ye have love
One to another.




For Children

Begin the lesson by having children go and get something they love. It can be a book, toy, or article of clothing. Have each child go around and tell what they chose and why they love it. Then, show them something special to you. Choose something that needs to be well taken care of.

Ask: Why is it important to take care of the things we love?

Read aloud: When we love something, we want to take really good care of it. We want it to last for a long time. God has given us many things to love. Most importantly, we are supposed to love one another. Loving one another is so important, that God made it a commandment.

Ask: When we love someone, how do we treat them?

Read aloud: In the scriptures, Jesus Christ command us to love everyone. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes people are different than us. Sometimes people treat us badly or are mean. We may not feel like being kind to them.

Ask: How can we love people who are hard to love?

Finish the lesson by discussing any specific ways you can build more love and unity as a family. Bear your testimony.

For Teens & Adults

Begin by watching the following video. Before you watch, ask everyone to think about what this video teaches us about loving one another.


Ask: What does this video teach us about loving one another?

Read aloud: God has commanded us to love another. He has planted within us a desire to serve. In the beloved Primary song, we are told that we can be known as disciples of Christ by showing love to others.

Ask: Have you had an experience in your life when loving someone or being loved brought you closer to Christ?

Share personal experiences.

Ask: What are some things that make loving others difficult? How can we overcome them?

Finish the lesson by bearing your testimony of loving others and developing charity.

For Single Study

Read through John 13. Write down impressions you have as you read. Ask yourself how you can follow Christ’s commandment to love others.


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FHE TreatTreat

Peanut Butter Oat Squares


-3 cups rolled oats
-1 cup peanut butter
-1/2 cup honey

1. Line a 9×9 pan with non-stick foil or regular foil with non-stick spray.
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FHE Game / ActivityActivity


Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

For this craft, you’ll need yarn, cardboard, scissors, clear tape, and a pencil.

Draw and cut out a heart shape from the cardboard. Tie yarn around the heart once and secure with a knot. Tape the knot down to secure it. Start wrapping the yarn around the heart. Keep wrapping until you get a nice, soft heart. Tie a knot to end it and tuck it into the yarn. Or, you can leave a loop to dangle it. Consider giving your heart to someone else as a gift and act of service.

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