Five Faith-Filled Steps to Prepare for General Conference

Five Faith-Filled Steps to Prepare for General Conference

General Conference is upon us again, but before it sneaks up too quickly, let us consider how President Russell M. Nelson’s prophetic words can help us prepare for this weekend and the many conference weekends to come.

In his address, “Christ is Risen; Faith in Him Will Moved Mountains,” President Nelson declared, “To do anything well requires effort. Becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ is no exception. Increasing your faith and trust in Him takes effort.”

Preparing for General Conference also requires effort. President Nelson’s five suggestions can help us in our quest to be spiritually prepared to Hear Him this Conference weekend.

1) “First, study.”

Studying the last General Conferences talks either online or through the Liahona magazine will bring the spirit and familiarize our hearts with His voice.

2) “Second, choose to believe.”

As we prepare for Conference, we can choose to believe not only in Jesus Christ but in the Apostles and prophets he has chosen to lead His church. President Nelson encouraged, “Study with the desire to believe rather than with the hope that you can find a flaw in the fabric of a prophet’s life or a discrepancy in the scriptures.”

3) “Third, act in faith.”

“What would you do if you had more faith? Think about it. Write about it. Then receive more faith by doing something that requires more faith.”

In preparing for General Conference, any preparation for it is an act of faith. We are exercising faith that the time devoted to preparing our hearts and minds for Conference will be rewarded with additional testimony, conviction, peace, and answers to our questions. We can each consider, “What can I do this week to more fully follow the Lord and His prophet, and act on their teachings?”

4) “Fourth, partake of sacred ordinances worthily.”

Attending sacrament meeting is excellent preparation for Conference. Additionally, can we squeeze in a session at the temple this week? If possible, make the sacrifice to be prepared in this exceptional way.

5) “And fifth, ask your Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, for help.”

The Lord wants to answer our questions and receive His words. Asking for His help to hear Him this Conference will build our faith and resolve to follow Him on His covenant path.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for General Conference?

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