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Five Ways to Help Your Family Review General Conference

Five Ways to Help Your Family Review General Conference

After drinking from a spiritual firehose this General Conference, it can feel daunting to attempt a re-cap for your children and family. Here are five ways to take a bite-sized chunk out of the job.

  1. Family Study

In the Wright household, we use the Come, Follow Me manual for our daily family scripture study, but on Sunday nights, we take a gospel topic of our own choosing to focus on based on our children’s needs. For instance, when we have a child preparing for baptism or priesthood ordination, we use Sunday night to focus on that preparation. When we don’t have a specific topic, we use this evening for reviewing General Conference. We often ask our older children to prepare lessons giving them experience teaching and preparing meaningful questions. General Conference talks make great material for these discussions.

You can pick whatever night works best for you, whether that is on Sunday like we do or for Family Home Evening on Mondays. If you struggle to study as a family consistently, try looking for quotes from the most recent Conference that correlate with the Come, Follow Me study for the week and pick at least one day to gather as a family.

  1. Dinner Table Conversations

The dinner table is a great way to bring Church home. Doing this assures our children that the principles of the gospel are for everyday use, and not just for church discussion. On the weeks when you study General Conference talks, make sure to share something that stood out to you over dinner.

  1. Ministering

If you are fortunate enough to have a son or daughter as your ministering companion, having them prepare brief lessons from a General Conference address for the individuals and families you minister to helps them think through gospel topics and again, apply them to the everyday challenges your friends are facing. If you minister with a different companion, lessons prepared for ministering using General Conference can still be taught at home.

  1. Jeopardy Game

Elder Neil L. Andersen shared how his family plays their own family version of Jeopardy to review Conference. He graciously shared that effort here.

  1. Reviewing Conference Ourselves

Most importantly, we must review General Conference ourselves if we want our families to review it. Listen to Conference when you’re getting ready in the morning. Listen to Conference while you cook dinner or fold laundry. Listen when you’re weeding the lawn. Read while you’re eating breakfast. When your children see that you make the effort to review Conference, that example will matter more than anything else. I once had a sweet bishop’s wife tell me, “You can never teach your children to be anything you aren’t. If you want to teach charity, you must be charitable. If you want to teach kindness, you must be The same goes for general conference. If we want to teach our children to value Conference, we must also value them.

How does your family review General Conference?

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