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General Conference FHE Lesson – Acting on What You Learned

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This General Conference FHE lesson is perfect for remembering what you learned and following through on inspiration. 



Helaman 5:9

O remember, remember, my sons, the words which king Benjamin spake unto his people.



Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love | Hymn #271

1. Oh, holy words of truth and love
We hear from day to day,
Revealed to Saints from God above,
To guide in heaven’s way.

Beautiful words of love
Coming from God above,
How sweet, how dear the words we hear!
They’re beautiful words of love.

2. They’re from Apostles good and true,
Whose names we all revere,
Who daily teach us what to do
In words of love and cheer.

3. They’re from the prophets God inspires,
In counsels oft withstood,
Reproving all our ill desires,
Commending all that’s good.

4. And from each chosen one that speaks
By aid the Spirit gives,
For every sphere of life it seeks,
For everyone that lives.

5. As gems of wisdom, pure and bright,
That glow with lustrous ray,
We’ll seek to gain these words of light,
Their counsels to obey.




Begin the lesson by giving every child a piece of paper. Ask them to write down what they remember from General Conference, especially the parts they liked. Younger children can also draw a picture. Have everyone talk about what they wrote down.

Read aloud: General Conference is special because we get to listen to God’s prophets. They teach us about following Jesus and loving others. They invite us to act when General Conference is over.

Ask: How did you feel listening to General Conference? Did you feel inspired to do something or to make a change?

Share something you felt inspired to do after General Conference.

Read aloud: During General Conference, God often prompts us to act in some way. It is important we try to follow those promptings. If we don’t we may forget what we have learned and what we’ve felt.

Using the same piece of paper, have everyone write down something they want to act upon.

Finish the lesson by bearing your testimony.


Begin the lesson by watching the following video. Before pressing play, ask everyone to think about a time in their life when they did or did not follow a prompting and what they learned from that experience.

Ask: What have you learned about following promptings in your life? How is General Conference related to following promptings?

Read aloud: General Conference is a special time appointed by the Lord to receive instruction from his prophets and apostles. As we listen to the messages, we may feel the Spirit prompting us to make a change or do some good.

However, after a weekend of inspiration, we can quickly become distracted by everyday life. The strong feelings may leave. Our commitment may waver and we may even forget the promptings we felt.

Ask: Why is it so easy to delay acting on inspiration? What can we do to ensure we make what we learned and felt during General Conference a part of our everyday lives?

Share a personal experience about a time when something you learned in General Conference impacted your life.

Finish the lesson by sharing personal experiences and bearing your testimony.


Briefly review your notes or the talks from General Conference. In your journal, make a list of the specific impressions you had. Make one goal for each one about how you want to act on those impressions.

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FHE Game / ActivityActivity

Share General Conference With Others

Give everyone some card-making materials. Have them think of someone who could use an inspiring message. Have them create a card with a little note in it and quote from Conference. Make plans to deliver them.

General Conference FHE Lesson - Acting on What You Learned







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