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How to Help Your Children Love the Scriptures

How to Help Your Children Love the Scriptures

How do you help your children love the scriptures? It isn’t easy, but hopefully, these six ideas will help.

Be Consistent in Family Study

When children are screaming, teenagers are rolling their eyes, and you’re running around from one task to the next, family scripture study may seem impossible. However, there is nothing more important to building good habits than consistency. Your children may not always remember what they’ve read, but they’ll remember that sitting down and studying the scriptures as a family not only happened but that you thought it was essential.

Ideally, families should study the scriptures together every day. However, every situation is different. Prayerfully consider what consistent schedule is right for your family, including how many times a week, what time of day, and for how long.

Have Them Act Out Scripture Stories

The stories in the scriptures are exciting and your children will love acting them out! Imagine the fun they’ll have chopping off arms like Ammon, walking along the path that leads to the Tree of Life, or walking with lions like Daniel in the lion’s den. You can read a simplified version of the story and have them act it out as they go, giving them step by step directions of what to do next, or let them put on little plays themselves.

Use Age-Appropriate Media

There are a lot of great media resources out there to help your children engage with scripture stories. For example, check out this extensive collection of videos just for Primary-aged children! There are also:

You’ll also want to make sure you have the Church’s media library and gospel library apps downloaded on your devices.

Make the Scriptures Apply to Their Lives

The scriptures can become a source of strength and comfort for your children as they learn how they apply to their individual circumstances. A great way to do this is to use the scriptures to answer questions. If your child has a question, see if there is an answer in the scriptures. You can also help them feel connected to those in the scriptures who have gone through similar circumstances. If they’re facing fear, bullying, illness, or family troubles, you can read the scriptures with them to help them know they are not alone and see how others found answers.

Get Them Their Own Copy

When you feel they are ready, get your child their own copy of the scriptures. Whether this is a nicer quad for pre-teens or softcover copies children can drop and bend, a personal set of scriptures are often cherished for years to come. Your child can highlight what matters to them or just feel the joy of carrying around their own set of scriptures.

Love the Scriptures Yourself

Ask yourself: do you love the scriptures? If you do, your children will be able to feel it. They are watching you more than you realize and will remember how you felt about studying the scriptures. If there are things you can do to improve your own personal scripture study and connection to the word of God, make some manageable goals. You can even work on these goals together with your children.

What has helped your child love the scriptures? Share in the comments below. 



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