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How Busy Moms Can Read Their Scriptures

How Busy Moms Can Read Their Scriptures

If you’re a busy parent, finding time to have meaningful and enriching scripture study can feel impossible. Here are a few ideas to help you get back into the scriptures.

Don’t Wait for a Quiet Moment

In a busy household, it’s likely the perfect moment to read your scriptures may never come. While some can wake up early or stay up late, this lack of sleep isn’t always ideal or possible. So, don’t wait for a quiet moment. Read your scriptures in any moment you can.

It may be difficult. Children may be screaming. The house may be messy. You may not feel like you’re getting much out of what you read or if you remember anything at all. But just the act of reading your scriptures will invite the spirit into your life and your home.

Plus, reading your scriptures where your children can see you doing so can have a lasting impact on their testimonies.

Post Your Favorite Verses Around the House

Chances are, you’re always moving around your house! Up the stairs, down the stairs, to the kitchen, to the laundry room, and to the car. Make your favorite scriptures mobile by putting them up around the house. You can print them off or write them down on notecards. Tape them up and read them whenever you see them.

You can follow Elder Devin G. Durrant’s advice to “ponderize” the scriptures weekly and monthly by memorizing scriptures on your fridge.

Have Scriptures Playing in the Background

There are so many different apps and media channels that will allow you to utilize the scriptures in multiple ways. Have the audio versions of scriptures playing in the background as you cook, as you fold laundry, or as you drive from place to place.

You may be surprised how much you’re able to retain and get out of having scriptures playing in the background.

Read One Verse a Night

We all want the ideal scripture study experience. We want a quiet, sacred space, lots of time to deeply ponder, and lots of great coloring pencils. However, life is often less than ideal. Sometimes, all you may be able to do is one verse a night.

If that’s the case, here are some things you can do to get more out of that one verse.

  • Pick a verse from the topical guide about a subject you’re pondering or feeling you need help with.
  • Read the verse and then spend a few minutes contemplating how that verse can relate to your life.
  • Read the one verse over and over until you memorize it.

Act Out Scripture Stories With Your Children

Helping your children find a love for the scriptures can actually help invigorate you. One of the most engaging ways to do so is to act out scripture stories with your children. You can read the scripture stories for reading books and have them act on the scenes as you go or prepare ahead of time. Not only will you be spending time with this important stories, but so will your children.



How Busy Moms Can Read Their Scriptures

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