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How to Watch General Conference Alone

How to Watch General Conference Alone

General Conference is often a time for family and friends to gather together as they hear the prophets speak. However, they are some who spend General Conference alone. If this is you, here are some tips on how to enjoy the weekend, even though you’re by yourself.

Start Your Own Traditions

Many families have General Conference traditions. They eat cinnamon rolls, pitch tents in their living rooms, and play Conference Bingo. Come up with some traditions of your own. Create your own favorite meal and snacks. Design a special General Conference notebook. Have a special Conference wearing outfit.

Whatever it is, choose something that brings you joy.

Find a Scenic Spot

There are a lot of different ways to listen or watch General Conference. Staying inside can make you lonely. Charge up your phone or mobile device and get outside. Park your car at a scenic spot, go for a hike, or find your favorite park.

Getting outside of your house or apartment can also help you focus. After all, couches and beds are super comfy.

Get on Social Media

Connect with other conference-goers on social media. Use the hashtag #generalconference on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the conversation. You can share quotes, pictures, and discuss what you’ve learned. You can also use social media to share your love of the gospel with the world.

Invite a Friend

Chances are, there is someone else who will be alone on General Conference. Invite them over! It doesn’t have to be a big affair. Consider asking someone in your bishopric or Relief Society presidency if there is anyone who could use a friend over General Conference.


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