I Found My Best Friend's Wedding Dress Without Her

I Found My Best Friend’s Wedding Dress Without Her

Yes, you read that correctly. I was the one who found my friend’s wedding dress…in another state…by myself. And not just any friend, no sir, I found Mary’s wedding dress. I figured that since she wrote such a good story about the journey to her perfect dress (see Mary’s post), I would add my perspective or just tell you how it REALLY happened.

I knew that Mary was dating Blake and that they were perfect for each other. I also knew it was only a matter of time before they would get engaged, so when Mary called me to tell me that the wedding was definitely happening, I was so excited. Mary was such a big help at my own wedding, and I really wanted to return the favor somehow. I remember that I was in my car, driving back to our apartment from class in Rexburg, Idaho. Mary called and I wanted to help so my mind started to race. I know how hard it is to find a modest wedding dress in other states, and I just so happened to be in Rexburg, home of “BYU-I Do” and subsequently a lot of wedding dress boutiques.

I asked Mary about her dress situation because I’ve known her my whole life, and I knew she would want something simple and elegant. I thought maybe she would borrow one of her sister’s dresses and readjust it to her taste, or find something at a local shop and alter it to be modest. I asked her about it, putting my car in park at my apartment complex, and she replied, “Oh, I don’t know…I think I’ll find something online.”

I immediately threw my car into reverse and started driving to downtown Rexburg where two bridal boutiques sit prominently on Main Street. As I drove, I asked her if she wanted me to look for a dress since modest dresses are aplenty in Rexburg. True to Mary fashion, because she’s a nice person, she didn’t want to put me out so she was unsure about saying yes. At that point, I told her that I was already parked outside the boutique and I was going to look around anyway. She gave in and then gave me a few of her specifications on what she wanted. We agreed to text pictures, and I entered the store.

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