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Introductory Guide to Church's New Youth Program Released

Introductory Guide to Church’s New Youth Program Released

In an article for Desert News, new resources regarding the Church’s new youth program were announced. No official statement, outside of a letter sent to Church leaders, has been provided.

Two introductory guides are now available, one for parents and leaders and one for youth. The program name is “Children and Youth” and is “a higher, holier way to encourage the rising generation to follow Jesus Christ and apply His gospel in all areas of their lives.”

As part of the new program, it has been confirmed the Personal Progress, Faith in God, Duty to God, and Scouting programs will all be discontinued. Youth have until December 31 to complete the retiring programs, if they choose. The new focus will be on home-centered experiences and conversations supported by church activities and relationships. Three main areas will be focused on:

  • Gospel learning that inspires personal commitment.
  • Service and activities that edify body and spirit.
  • Personal development that produces fulfilling growth.

In conjunction, the program will especially help youth develop all areas of their lives through Jesus Christ as categorized by four sections: spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual. Youth are invited to talk with their family and leaders on how they are growing in those four areas and things they can continue to do.

The entirety of the new program will be presented in a special fireside broadcast on September 29, 2019. An exclusive Face to Face event specifically for children and youth about the program will be on November 17, 2019. The official program is anticipated to be fully integrated in March 2020.

Access the introductory guide for parents and leaders here. There is also an introductory guide for youth.

You can learn more about the program overall and see updates at the official new section of the Church’s website.

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