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Journaling - Creative Ideas to Help You Get Started

Journaling – Creative Ideas to Help You Get Started

President Wilford Woodruff, a friend to the Prophet Joseph, missionary, and fourth President of the Church, is one of the best examples of journaling we have. He began his first journal in 1835 and kept one for the next 63 years. Today, his journals and diaries are a great resource for understanding the history of the saints during that period. Of this great task, he said he believed it to be “beneficial to review our past life and not only our privilege but duty to keep an accurate account of our proceedings.”

We are still counseled to be a record-keeping people. Today, there are lots of creative ways to journal. Whether you have had trouble keeping a journal in the past or you simply want to try something new, these suggestions are sure to help you feel more excited about journaling.

LDS Journals



An LDS-themed journal is perfect for helping you record the things that truly matter most. There are journals for LDS youth, missionaries, and anyone wanting an LDS flair in their journal.  You can see a whole collection of them here!


Artistic Calendar

(Courtesy of Wildflowerhouse)

If you express yourself through art rather than words, make an art calendar. You can create the calendar yourself or pick up a blank one at the store. When something happens that you want to remember, draw it on that day. For example, if you and your family sit and watch a beautiful thunderstorm together one evening, draw a thunderstorm in that square. Small phrases can also be added.

If you’d like more room to write, consider using a blank sketchbook.

Blog to Book


Blogging is all the rage, and you can now turn your blog into a book. Thanks to online programs such as Shutterfly and Blurb, you can take your posts and photos and transform them into a keepsake. This is a great option for missionary blogs and those who want a journal that records the day-to-day events and experiences.

Themed Journal

If writing about the day-to-day aspects of your life doesn’t inspire you, consider creating a themed journal. Many people pick a topic to focus on. Examples include a gratitude journal, a spiritual promptings journal, or even a journal where they write just one sentence a day. You can also do travel journals or a scripture study journal. Consider the things you feel most inspired to write about. The more you care about what you’re writing, the easier it will be.

Journaling Apps

Thanks to technology, keeping a journal is easier than ever. There are multiple journaling apps available on all of your devices. Many of these apps also have calendars and the capability to transfer your journal into a different format. Some of the most popular include Day One for iPhones and Diaro for Androids.

What ways do you like to journal and what has been helpful to you? Share your thoughts below! 

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