JUST RELEASED: A Powerful Survival Guide for an Early Returned Missionary’s First 30 Days Home

Ashley Sargeant, an early-returned missionary and advocate for mental health awareness, has released a powerful new program for those struggling with an early release from their LDS missions.

Designed to help an early-returned missionary through their first thirty days at home, the “Welcome Home Kit” includes a free PDF guide with scriptures to study, videos to watch, and personal pages to take notes. Sargeant, who has found essential oils to help her with her Bipolar II disorder, also gives tips on how to use them should the reader wish. You can access the Welcome Home Kit here. Sargeant notes that she is not a clinical therapist and this program should not be used to replace professional help.

On her official website, Don’t Stop Sargeant, Sargeant discussed what this project has meant to her.

“When I started receiving small impressions in January 2014 to speak publicly about my experience returning home early from my mission to Brazil, I was completely resistant. I was determined to keep quiet about that part of my life forever. But those impressions didn’t go away as a result of my rebellion; rather, they grew stronger. It was like this rock in my shoe everywhere I went that just wouldn’t seem to leave me alone. To be honest, I got kind of annoyed with it. It took a lot to prepare me to get to the point where I could even begin to consider it. But now I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Looking back, especially after having completed this survival guide as my contribution to my ERM friends, I am so grateful God did not give up on me. This campaign has evolved into anything but an annoyance in my life. It has given so much hope to thousands of people around the world – and not just ERMs. It has become a driving force in my life. I cannot claim credit for one single thing that has come out of this campaign because it has all been given to me by God. He has literally taken me from the depths of the darkest days of my life to the highest peaks of freedom from the shame that once owned so much of my life’s energy. Now I am proud of my story and I can tell it freely. He has put me in a position to offer hope and resources to other ERMs that I wish I had. I feel now more than ever that I have closure on that chapter of my life and God is helping me start new ones!”

Sargeant is also known for creating music videos with messages to early-returned missionaries and those struggling with mental illness. You can see them here and here.

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