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LDS OBJECT LESSON: Easter Carnations

LDS OBJECT LESSON: Easter Carnations

This LDS Easter object lesson is a simple and striking way to teach others about Jesus Christ.

You’ll Need:

  • White carnations (or any other type of white flower)
  • A vase (a larger rimmed vase works best)
  • Scissors
  • Red food coloring
  • Water


  1. Trim your flowers. You’ll want to leave a little extra on them because you will be trimming them again once they are in the water.
  2. Fill your vase a little over half-way with water. Place the flowers inside the vase.
  3. This step is important! Taking your scissors, carefully trim the flowers again under the water line. When flowers are trimmed outside of the water, air fills the tubes of the stems. This prevents the colored water from being able to travel up the step. Trimming them again under the water ensures the water will flow freely.
  4. Carefully add 20-50 drops of red food coloring into the water.
  5. Leave overnight. Results may begin to show in as little as an hour.
  6. Your carnations should have turned red. You can do this with individual flowers or with bunches of flowers as shown.
  7. The white carnation represents the perfect life of Jesus Christ. Because he loved us, he was willing to atone for our sins and sorrows. He literally took them upon himself and sweat great drops of blood. He died for us and rose again. As a result, we are cleansed from sin and able to progress to become more like Jesus Christ.

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