How to Set Goals Like a Mormon Missionary

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The pandemic has changed the world–some things perhaps forever. Like missionary work. In his groundbreaking new book What They Don’t Teach you At the MTC, former Mission President Norman Hill not only explains what has changed, but tells how prospective missionaries and their families, ward missionaries and senior couples, and other ward leaders can make the most of these new conditions.

Want to learn more? Join in a one-of-a-kind Virtual Book Signing! It’s free and will be hosted live on Wednesday, March 31 at 7 pm. You can just listen and ask questions or purchase a signed copy of this new book (no limits, buy as many as you’d like) What They Don’t Teach You At the MTC.

In Embrace the Future of Missionary Work, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf emphasizes that future missionaries must learn how to use emerging technology and deal with new societal expectations as gospel messengers; then cautions:

“I hope that we will not yearn to move back to something that didn’t work well (in the past), but rather look to the future with hope.”

With fresh approaches to studying, teaching, relationship-building, and proselyting; this new book draws on wide-ranging research and updated Church publications to better prepare prospective missionaries and gospel teachers alike for present-day challenges by showing us how to:

  • cultivate personal presence using competencies from Preach My Gospel
  • foster empowering life skills and personal habits that enable Adjusting to Missionary Life
  • promote transformational storytelling when teaching either remotely or in-person using Teaching in the Savior’s Way
  • devise compelling virtual proselyting approaches using authorized social media
  • enliven study time with vibrant engaged learning methods
  • conduct purposeful companionship inventories by turning disagreements into consensus
  • share the gospel with authenticity by calling on the powers of Heaven

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Since returning home from serving as the Ghana Accra West mission president, Norman Hill has talked to hundreds of current and recently returned missionaries on what they need to know, do and be. While written to prospective missionaries: parents, teachers, and ward leaders will also find suggestions and strategies included in this remarkable book that show all of us how we can better influence others, resolve interpersonal differences, clarify priorities, and make smooth life transitions. His recent articles have appeared in the Liahona, LDS Living, Meridian Magazine, and elsewhere. A popular EFY and Continuing Education teacher, Norman is the author of six previous books and is willing to present in person or virtual firesides whenever possible.


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