Meet The Love Of Your Life At General Conference

General Conference weekend is inspiring for everyone, but for singles it means more than just spiritual nourishment; it’s a conglomeration of the dating pool and an opportunity to meet faith-centered men or women.

Here’s five creative ways YOU could find the love of your life during General Conference weekend.

1. Go alone to the conference center. It may sound strange, but showing up alone allows you to sit anywhere. Put yourself next to (or near) a person you find attractive. Before you sit, scan for wedding rings or obvious signs of commitment. Double your chances of meeting someone by filling a seat gap and having people on both sides.

If you end up next to a married person, don’t worry. Work into a conversation that you’re trying to meet faith-centered people and hoped this would be a good opportunity. Chances are they have a single friend they could introduce you to. Married couples are highly motivated to match make their friends.

Don’t have a ticket? Don’t worry. Call your Bishop or put a plea out to your friends on facebook. One ticket should be an easy score. If you can’t find one, don’t fret. Hit up the standby line and enjoy another opportunity to meet likeminded singles, just choose your line carefully.

2. Throw a Priesthood session after-party. Who could resist a goodtime after-party on Saturday night? Make it an ice cream social, minute-to-win-it extravaganza, dance party, karaoke night, etc.

Send the invitation to your social media friends asking them to invite one other friend or relative of the opposite sex (preferable someone you don’t know). Have a sign-in at the door so you can friend interesting prospects on social media afterward.

Often the love of your life is only two degrees of separation from you. Even if your future spouse doesn’t come, meeting his or her friend is very useful!

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