NEW Illuminated Desk Lights for Latter-day Saints

NEW Illuminated Desk Lights for Latter-day Saints

Bring some light into your life with one of these new illuminated desk lights from Featuring 16 bright color options and inspiring designs for Latter-day Saints, these lights make a great gift. Use them as a mesmerizing new centerpiece in your home, as a comforting night light for children, or as a fun conversation starter at work.

Each design is expertly engraved on durable acrylic. They have multiple options to choose from, including temples, scripture verses, and popular symbols that resonate with Latter-day Saints, including the Tree of Life and the Angel Moroni. More designs will be released in the coming weeks.


The design insert is placed into the LED base, which has 16 different color options and a number of functionalities, such as strobe and flash features. Simply tap the power button to try something new. A number of other essentials come in your kit, including a remote, a USB cord, and a power adapter.

The base can be plugged in or you can use batteries (not included) for easy moving and placement.

Check out all of the designs available here.

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