How the Holy Ghost Helps Protect Us Object Lesson

OBJECT LESSON: How the Holy Ghost Helps Protect Us

Here’s a great object lesson from Latter-day Life Hacks by LDS Daily!

You’ll need:

-Dish Soap
-Paper Towels

(It is a good idea to have a separate bowl for everyone if there are multiple people. For a group of very young children, determine if an adult should simply demonstrate.)


1. Begin by filling the bowl with water. This represents the world.

2. Shake pepper into the water. This represents the “yucky” things of the world that can affect us, such as temptations, sins, and trials.

3. Dip a finger into the pepper. The pepper should stick to your finger. Without guidance from God and the gospel in our lives, these things can impact us in many negative ways and stick to us.

4. Clean your finger with a paper towel. Coat it with a thin layer of dish soap. The dish soap represents the gift of the Holy Ghost.

5. Carefully dip your coated finger into the pepper. It should spring away to the edges of the bowl. Discuss how this represents the help and protection we receive from God when we follow him and listen to promptings of the Spirit.

Note: The effect will only occur once. Be prepared with more water and pepper to do it again! You’ll likely be asked to.

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object lesson how the holy ghost helps protect us

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