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Special Light the World FHE Lesson

Special Light the World FHE Lesson

This special Light the World FHE lesson helps prepare for giving throughout the Christmas season!



Matthew 5:14

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.



With Wondering Awe | Hymn #210

1. With wond’ring awe the wisemen saw
The star in heaven springing,
And with delight, in peaceful night,
They heard the angels singing:
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to his name!

2. By light of star they traveled far
To seek the lowly manger,
A humble bed wherein was laid
The wondrous little Stranger.
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to his name!

3. And still is found, the world around,
The old and hallowed story,
And still is sung in ev’ry tongue
The angels’ song of glory:
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to his name!

4. The heav’nly star its rays afar
On ev’ry land is throwing,
And shall not cease till holy peace
In all the earth is growing.
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to his name!




Begin the lesson by giving everyone a small light. It can be a flashlight, a tea light, cell phones, or part of a string of Christmas lights. Gather everyone into a dark room. You want it to be as dark as possible. While the lights are off, place a photo or representation of Christ into the center of the room. In the dark, ask everyone to describe what they can see and how they feel.

Have everyone turn on their lights. Ask what they can see and how they feel.

Read aloud: Jesus Christ is the light of the world. In him, all darkness is dispelled. If we were to sit here for a period of time, the lights we are shining would start to fill the whole room. We would be able to see more. The more we have the light of Jesus, the more we can see and understand.

Jesus has asked us to share his light.

Ask: What did this activity teach us about our role in sharing the light of Jesus Christ with the world?

Watch the following video. Before pressing play, ask everyone to listen to the spirit and pay attention to any promptings on how they can serve others.

Ask: How do you feel after watching this video? What does it inspire you to do?

Read aloud: The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ. During the Christmas season, we can follow this powerful invitation to Light the World. Each week in December, we can take each day to light the world, one by one.

Finish the lesson by gathering ideas on how you can serve throughout the month of December. Finish with your testimony. 

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1 tablespoon Christmas sprinkles + more for decorating
1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips or vanilla almond bark


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FHE Game / ActivityActivity

Visit to learn more about this special initiative. Give everyone time to sit down and make a plan on how they’d like to serve throughout December.




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