Teaching Children to Love the Sacrament

Teaching Children to Love the Sacrament

Partaking of the sacrament is a sacred time for Latter-day Saints to renew their promises to God to live as devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Indeed, Cheryl A. Esplin described the sacrament as “a renewal for the soul.”

Children are alive in Christ and don’t need to partake of the sacrament until they’ve made baptismal covenants at the age of eight or older. Still, parents and guardians often wonder how they can help their children understand the sacrament and gain a testimony of this important moment each week. If you want to teach your children how to fall in love with the sacrament, here are some ideas you may want to consider trying.

Talk About How Special It Is

Children will look to your example when it comes to the sacrament. They will treat the sacrament the way you do. Instead of waiting for Sunday to try and inspire reverence, talk about the sacrament consistently throughout the week. Practice sitting reverently and thinking about Jesus. Talk about your own excitement and gratitude for the sacrament. Prepare on Saturday night by discussing the sacrament before bedtime.

Make Them a Sacrament Book

A lot of great activity and quiet books exist to help children be purposefully engaged during Sunday meetings. Find one that will resonate with your child. As children get older, consider getting them a journal and providing them with prompts to ponder. These could include:

  • How can I prepare for the sacrament?
  • What did I feel during the sacrament?
  • What do I want to tell Jesus Christ this Sunday?

The goal is not only to help teach children reverence but to get them accustomed to thinking about Jesus Christ during the sacrament.

Bake Bread Together

If you’re able to, consider baking a loaf of bread together to be used for the sacrament. Contact your priesthood leaders and volunteer to bring a loaf one week. Learn how to make the bread together with your child. Listen to church music as you bake. It can be a great way to help your family feel involved with the sacrament while offering meaningful service.

What other ways can we help children love the sacrament?


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