The Top 10 Gifts for Dad This Father's Day

The Top 10 Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

UPDATE: Check out our new list from The Ultimate LDS Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got ten great gift ideas the Dad in your life is sure to love.


1. Endure Messenger Bag

Yes, this bag is normally for missionaries. (It’s the #1 best selling missionary bag in Utah missionary outlets, in fact.) But as parents have gotten hold of the Endure, they’ve realized it works for pretty much everyone. It’s perfect for dads-on-the-go, whether they are heading to work or another Church meeting. Made with innovative technology and plenty of space, your dad is sure to love it. View it here.

2. Wood Oil Vials

Wooden Oil Vials

Upgrade your dad’s oil vial with one of these hand-crafted wooden oil vials. They are made from stabilized wood, meaning they won’t crack or warp over time. Elegantly designed, each oil vial also comes with a smaller oil vial inside, which includes an applicator dropper to make getting a single drop easy. You can see the entire collection here.

3. Christus Oil Vial

If you’re looking for something more unique, this oil vial features the engraved image of the Christus on one side and the quote, “The Priesthood. Safeguard it, treasure it, live worthy of it.” – Thomas S. Monson on the other.

4. Glad to Be Dad – A Call to Fatherhood

After staying home with his two sons for a year and his daughter since her infancy, Tim Myers knows all about being a stay-at-home parent. He knows the most effective cleaning products, which snacks to buy, and has developed a “housemaid’s knee.” He has experienced first-hand the profound influence fathers have on their children, along with the challenges of being a committed parent. By recounting personal experiences, offering honest, sincere opinions, and including quizzes for fatherly-preparedness, Tim Myers emphasizes the importance of fatherly contribution and influence in the home. He shows fathers that they are not only vital to home life, but that fatherhood also brings great joy into men’s lives, not to mention a surprising amount of plain old fun. In addition, Myers details the essential role of fathers, and the very real (and sometimes frustrating) transition into taking an active role in home life. Poignant, funny, and inspiring, Glad to be Dad is perfect for both aspiring fathers and seasoned veterans.

5. Even Superman Needs a Dad (Print)

Even Superman Needs a Dad (Print)

This print by Liz Lemon Swindle is perfect to give alongside a card or to have younger children sign. Liz Lemon Swindle said: “Driving through a parking lot, I saw a boy and his father coming out of a store. The boy was imagining himself as a mighty hero, but he looked at his father with more admiration than any hero is likely to receive. Right then, I knew I had to paint “Even Superman Needs a Dad.” This father took an interest in everthing his son had to say. Every moment seemed magical. While this little boy looked a bit out of place dressed in a Superman cape and red cowboy boots, his father could not have looked prouder. Who was the real Hero? Who was more in awe of whom?”

6. Man of God Chain Ring

This ring is made of stainless steel with a polished chain in the center that spins. The top of the ring band reads, “Man Of God: Pursue Righteousness, Godliness, Faith, Love, Perseverance And Gentleness” while the bottom band reads, “Man Of God: Fight The Good Fight Of The Faith In Christ Jesus (1 Tim. 6:6-16)”. You can also get a custom engraving on the inner band! Get it here. 

7. Program Cover

Father's Day LDS Program Cover

Want to remember Dad on Sunday? Here is a free program cover that can be used for special programs for Father’s Day. Just click on it to see the image, then right click and hit “Save Image”!


8. Choose the Right Cuff Links

These beautiful cuff links are the perfect addition to your Dad’s Sunday suit. They feature “Choose the Right” engraved on each cuff link as a subtle, yet fashionable reminder to make good choices. You can also get them with the Salt Lake Temple on them.


9. Classic Black Temple Bag

Simple in style and modern in design, this temple bag is sure to make your Dad smile. It features multiple spacious compartments on the inside to keep everything stored away properly and a hook to securely hang your bag in a locker. Two zippers close the bag and the handle can also be clasped together with snaps. It is made to last for years and help you focus on what is most important. Your Dad will never have to worry about how to safely and reverently transport his temple clothes again.


10. Ties

You can never go wrong with a good tie. There are a lot of ties on sale at this link, some up to 25% off!

Bonus Round! Mission Pins

Did your Dad serve a mission? Help him remember such an important time in his life and celebrate his example with these great mission pins. They come both gold and silver finishes and feature multiple countries around the world. Don’t see your Dad’s mission? That’s ok, there’s an e-mail to request one as new ones are added every day. See all the ones they’ve got available here.


For more gift ideas at great prices, click here!


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